What Being Hated Feels Like – On Antisemitism

Every day since October 7, I wake up from a restless, sometimes sleepless night, and wonder how society became so Jew Hating in a matter of weeks.

Not only am I worried about the hostages, if Please G-d they are still alive; but I worry about the entire state of Israel and every single Jew worldwide. That is a lot of heavy worrying to do on a daily basis. Yet that is what is making me emotionally struggle through the days.

FREE THE HOSTAGES!!!!! Babies and grandmothers are included in this group. Why doesn’t the world care about them?

I wonder every single day why some innocent, beautiful, kind souls are hated just because they were born in a particular place, and just because their bloodlines run Jewish. Why, why, why?

I know Jews are a good people who have contributed greatly to society. I know so many good, kind, philanthropic people who should be admired, and not hated. So many of us are proud peacekeepers, generous in our communities, serving and doing good.

Looking at the beautiful faces of my Jewish grandchildren, I wonder if they will grow up in an antisemitic society, hated just for being born Jewish. Anguish does not even begin to describe how I feel about that. How can civilized society and those who call themselves “humanitarians” promote this? Those parading as humanitarians are actually the opposite of that concept, though they do not understand this. (IGNORANCE.)

If the Arab PR Propaganda machine, that has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams thus far, continues brainwashing the unknowing and the ignorant, who knows where it will all lead? They have loads of money and are willing to spend it, even to bias media companies. (The BBC is constantly retracting incorrect stories. It is unacceptable) The Arab machine has studied Hitler. They know how easy it is to convince society with propaganda. This plan has been in the works for years and years. Operation Jew Hatred on a Global Basis – a Master Plan.

And then to add insult, you get idiot progressives like Elon Musk (who named his child a formula instead of a name – that’s how stable he is) who just hops on the bandwagon. Angelina Jolie who claims to be a humanitarian – I did not see her signing petitions for a ceasefire by Russia, even when hospitals were targeted. There are two recent reports of serious ethic cleansing in Darfur. Angelina and her troops are not concerned about those people, not rallying petitions and troops calling for an end.

The only worldwide concern is for Palestinians. Even though the entire huge Arab world rejects them or at least neglects them. Yet the tiny Israel has to bear the burden.

You see, once someone is brainwashed in an ideology, it is nearly impossible to change their minds- even with solid factual information. I see posts and posts of factual – even mainstream news items about what is going on in Israel – only to be bombarded with replies by the hundreds on the Jew hating side disputing these facts. Rapes – there were no Rapes they say, even though photographic evidence and witnesses who say there were especially violent ones, even on the dead. Yes, the minions are out in force, everywhere on social media, EVERYWHERE there is a positive post on Israel or on Jews, they are posting, trying to spread lies about the facts. The sheer numbers of their minions are daunting. Just yesterday some non-Jewish, pro-Israel posters such as WYZEWURDZ74 – a Black man – are being reported to Instagram to have their accounts shut down for hate speech. I kid you not. That is how many in numbers these minions forces are – trying to shut down every Pro Poster on Instagram. (Fortunately I can control commentors here and so I will not allow one iota of incorrect hatred to spread on my own site.)

Here’s the scoop: I saw this on the news and then again on Anderson Cooper’s show. The evil forces want to create a society where Jews are to be eliminated, much like in Hitler’s time. They now have among their troops, young woke white people carrying signs of the Star of David in a trash can, chanting from the River to the Sea. And that is just the start of this. Israel first, the rest of the world next. Europe has gotten to be a scary place for Jews, and our own USA college campuses are also a frightening place for Jewish students because their administration won’t reign in the hatred. Why? MONEY. Funding by the Evil. More on what I learned on news shows like the above in an upcoming paragraph.
The money influence extends to the Red Cross, the UN, and many media organizations. It is unbelievable but true. I am usually not a conspiracy theorist, but looking at the target and who is pushing the narrative, it is very clear to see the money trail and why eyes and brains are closed to the truth.

And who are Palestinians? Well, 1.9 million live in Israel where they work, vote, and live peaceful and happy UNOPPRESSED NON-APARTHEID lives. (Ask them if you do not believe me!) The other Palestinians who chose to live in Gaza, elected Hamas, who with billions of dollars, refused to create a beautiful society like in Israel and instead created a factory for terrorism. Why are the other Arab countries surrounding Israel refusing to take them? It is collusion on their parts with Hamas to first destroy Israel by sacrificing their Palestinian citizens as casualties, because that will surely get the world to hate Israel and their desire to destroy Israel will then succeed.

In this big world where there are civilians being sacrificed in the name of war, why is the only focus on Israel? Why is the only outrage on Israel? Again, that big money propaganda machine focused attention on their plight, and ONLY their plight. Like lemmings, the minions follow their lead. This is NOT about Palestinian freedom. This is about eliminating Israel, and then Jews.

Historically, Jews have often been the scapegoat. That is why this big push is on to get the world to hate Jews. It is an easy, well-used targeted group. That is their strategy, to start with a easy group, and build from there. Afterwards, it will be LBGQ and then Christians.

Yet, the insidious reason behind the Jew-hate is much more evil and sinister than this current “Free Palestine” campaign. It is to break down democracies. First one group gets demonized, and then another, and another, until the ruling class is a dictatorship and only the true believers get saved – the extremists. The laws change. Eventually expect Sharia Law in its most extreme form.

If you think that is only in fiction, think again. That is what this worldwide campaign is really about.
There is only one Jewish state, and they insist that it is eliminated first, and then just wait and see what is next.

Why did this current state of war even begin during a ceasefire that was in place? Hamas knew they could not beat Israel’s powerful forces. They did not put shelters into place for their citizens KNOWING that they were about to strike a horrific attack, except for trying to protect their own troops in tunnels. They in fact, have used their civilians as sacrifice, to get the world to blame and hate Israel. Or now, the Jews as a population, as it has extended far beyond Israel into antisemitism worldwide. They purposely use hospitals to get people outraged.

There was a ceasefire in place before the horrific barbaric attack on 10/7. Any new ceasefire, will allow them to rebuild a new plan of attack. The only answer is that Hamas and other terror groups must be destroyed. Or they will own all of us.

And yet I watch those idiotic tik-takers glorify terrorism, glorify Osama Bin Laden. That’s how powerful their brainwashing extends into the youth of today. A new breed of jihadists will be bred to hate Jews and want to overthrow our democracy. Ones that have absolutely no stake in the current war. They are just soaking the hatred into their bloodstreams to prepare for further activism.

Here are some graphics for your attention, especially if you are not Jewish, and not understanding what is going on, or not closely following creditable news sources. The first is a map of all of the Arab countries surrounding Israel. (All refusing to let Palestinians live there- with the goal of eliminating Israel.)

The second is some news clips about the horror in Darfur, where there are no protests, or gatherings to try to do anything about these poor victims’ plight because they are not the pitied group du jour – the Palestinians.

The third is about how many times peace was attempted to be achieved, only to be rejected. You would think most humans would wake up to the fact that PEACE is NOT the objective, a home for the Palestinians is NOT the objective. Ridding the world of the Jewish state and of Jews is the main objective. And I do not understand why there is such ignorance about this – except that people believe who is yelling louder, who is more organized in their propaganda, and again, it is easy to use Jews as scapegoats.

We need to organize, though we are years and years behind this evil organization of extremists. We need big money too. We need society on our side – that is the bigger answer. Will you stand with us? Will you step forward loud and clear and be part of the solution to this hatred?

Add your comments here and I will be screening them. But first, read below.


  • Why??? Why is there so much hatred? Why is it tolerated? Why are innocent Jews in Israel being dragged from their homes? Does the world not see the hatred that has been spread?
    I too have had sleepless nights. I too worry about the world of today and the world for our grandchildren. It is frightening.

  • I don’t know if you realized how many times this has been shared based on the few comments here, but I got this in a mass email that was forwarded from another mass email. I hope all are reading because it is really a good read and gives great insight into what is going on. A terrifying time to be a Jew. I am also sharing.

  • Excellent writing and truth to everything you say. I also have been having difficulty sleeping and as the days go by , I get angry. I am so sick of what’s going on in our country regarding the horrendous massacre and kidnappings in Israel. I jus want to shout , “Wake up People”. !!

  • Your blog is so accurate. Why do people hate the Jews so much? It is terrifying!!
    My husband’s parents both survived the Holocaust. The way things are going I fear for another “final solution”. I honestly don’t think I could survive it.

  • I also have not been sleeping well. I live in fear that one day, the hate that is spreading will ignite another holocaust. Why is there so much hate? Why have people not learned from the mistakes of their past? Does the world today expect Jews to allow themselves to be dragged from their homes once again and do nothing? History is said to repeat itself. Why, I ask, is the cry not understood when we saw all the films that President Eisenhower made sure were recorded, not burned in the minds of everyone? My answer to Antisemitism is “Never Again” This time we will unite!

  • I was sent to read this and I am not Jewish but I want you to know I understand this movement to bring disregard to Jewish people, and I think it is despicable. You are our chosen people!

  • Great read and you share my sentiments! Thank you for speaking out! This hate must stop! More education!

  • This is well orchestrated and so many are colluding as you said. No not paranoid- reality! Great read!

  • Thank you for this. A lot of thought and good information. Also sharing!

  • Well done- sharing now.

  • Excellent explanation of this horrible situation and all so true. Sharing!

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