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The era of flamping (camping out in our flooded home without walls or flooring, or cabinets, with furniture and belongings packed up tight) is now behind us. This era went from Memorial Day to the end of February; much, much longer than expected, but we made it through day to day. I had my long goodbye for my homestead, which meant so much to me – but truth be told, it was a bit too long. I am still paring down, as the process is a long one when you have been hoarding memories for almost as many years as you have been alive. The insane number of boxes in the garage of the rental will continue to be sifted through, and being in a smaller home now in our rental, we can truly see what we will be able to fit, and not fit, as we downsize when our new custom home is ready for us. Quite the job still ahead of us. And this is in between securing a florist, a band, and a million other details for the big wedding I have ahead!

Before I completely leave it behind, I have to give one final farewell though to the old home, built in ’64 but renovated to modern granite counter tops, wood floors, beautiful fixtures, and gorgeousness. It was the home of a million get-togethers. There were Maccabi hostings, and Maccabi parties, pool parties galore, countless birthday parties, my wedding to Gary was there, Brett and Elissa’s brunch after their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, a huge number of holiday celebrations- including my famous “Chinese Food on Christmas Day Party, major (30-40 people) and minor Shabbat gatherings, Lasagna welcome back from college fests, BBYO functions, and teens hanging out. It was the comfy, go-to place for any kind of fun happening for many years. I will miss it and what this home stood for. I always loved hosting things, entertaining, and having people gather at a place that I was proud to own.
Our rental will give us opportunity to host once again, smaller gatherings, and then our new home– which was designed by the most brilliant architect in the world, and the best kind of friend and human being anyone could have in their life (xxoo Mark our hero) — will be smaller but specifically designed with open spaces for entertaining once again. Because you know I aspire to be the entertaining Bubbie one day.(Hint, Hint kids!)
When I posted the above on Facebook, I got this wonderful response from a cousin who is now far away but who I once hosted quite a bit. This response made my week! She said,
“I don’t see the d├ęcor when I look at these pictures; I taste the kugel & the soup; I hear your laugh. I’m sure I’m not alone in this: Thanks for creating a home in which so many of us feel so welcomed. Glad you’re back in business.” (Thanks to Cousin Peggy, also known these days as Margaret Lewis and kisses long distance.)
So that’s the update from Flood Central – will post demolition pictures shortly when the house is razed. (And maybe I will shed some last tears too, or maybe just look at some old photos to remember what she was.)
In the meantime, as we get set up room by room in the rental, I realize it is pretty comfy for a temporary home. Here are some photos.
Rental 1
Dining room is stuck in the 70’s but I made it look cheery with my furnishings. Note – any of our art that I put up was on existing nails in the walls – we are afraid to make any holes that weren’t already there.
Rental 3
Kitchen is roomy and cheerful – I can cook and bake again!
Rental 4
Breakfast nook – will probably be the repository where we plop everything down
Rental 5
Towards living area there is an atrium
Rental 6
The foyer and the start of the living room
Rental 11
TV area – nice and cozy
Rental 10
My office, where the blogging will now come from
Rental 9
Bedroom, not decorated yet, but very roomy!
What I did NOT show, is the insane number of boxes in the garage. I did not want to frighten anyone by our voluminous stuff. (repeat – Pare down, trim down, pare down)
There will not be a car parked there for a very long time!

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