30 Favorite Memories of an Incredible Son on his 30th Birthday

I have said it over and over again about what a blessed and fortunate mom I am to have my two children, who have surpassed my greatest expectations in all realms of life. Now it is my son Brett’s 30th Birthday.

First of all, 30 seems so much younger to me when it is about my son and his friends. It didn’t seem young to me when I turned 30 six months after Brett’s birth, but now it is quite the opposite At 30, Brett still has his whole adult life ahead of him,  and based on the excitement he has generated for himself in the first 30 years, it looks like it will be a wonderful one ahead for him.

Just in time for the BIG event, although Brett has given me millions of wonderful memories and moments, here are my 30 favorite memories of an adorable and incredible child and television star as you will see below, a gifted teen, and a very successful young man. Brett is also an extremely modest young man and may be reticent to share this as it seems I am bragging, but it is all TRUE.

1. Yes, THAT moment – birth. My firstborn. after 21 hours of labor and his being pried out of me because he was too big, Brett arrived and my love for this little person immediately rose to a level I never thought possible.

Brett Blog 4

2. Brett’s Bris – I was slightly postpartum depressed and cried every time Brett cried. He was such a brave soldier that he didn’t cry much during this delicate, ahem, circumcision procedure. So though I appeared teary-eyed for much of this event, they were tears of pride. Video clip follows:

3. Brett’s first haircut – This caused a bit of trauma, but nothing that a good lolipop couldn’t fix. Brett much preferred his normal “bowl” cut, and not that slicked back look!



bretthaircut1 bretthaircut3

4. Brett’s first word beside da-da was “Onalds” Yes, he was pointing to the big yellow arches of a McDonald’s at the time he said this. The restaurant was such an important part of Brett’s young life. (I should be ashamed to admit this!)

. brettonald2

5. Brett becoming the best big brother possible with the birth of his sister Elissa. He still is too!

bRETT  blog 10

6. Brett the little performer –  Brett loved singing, dancing and performing, and pretend playing guitar like a little Marachi thanks to his favorite restaurant’s performers. Give that child a microphone, and he entertained! Video clip follows the photo.


7. Brett the model – Although this was the subject of a previous birthday blog, these moments where my precious adorable boy was shared with the world in advertising (Including commercials!) and appearing on the box of a new toy on the national and international market, were favorite memories. Here’s a video clip of a commercial he did:

8. Brett the athlete – It didn’t take long until my little boy was shining as an athlete, and I have so many vivid memories of his sportsmanship and sports prowess beginning with bitty soccer at age 2. What a jock he turned out to be, but a smart one!

Brett Blog 5

9. Brett and his favorite prayer -Brett went to a Jewish preschool where they sang a Hamotzi – a prayer thanking God for bread – before eating. Brett for a long time at age three thought his class was singing “We give thanks to God for Brett,” instead of the actual “We give thanks to God for Bread.” Love that story.  This is how he looked then!


10. Impressing my childhood idol Davy Jones. Davy loved Brett and spent a good portion of his time at a charity auction featuring Brett as his co-star. (RIP Davy) Davy J 11. Brett was interviewed on his impression of the new Houston Rocket’s mascot and scored some local television fame. Here’s a video clip:

12. Brett’s intense hobby – Starting at age 2, Brett collected McDonald’s toys. When he was in elementary school, he was featured TWICE on local news for his massive collection that he took very seriously. Here are two clips of his being featured:


13. Brett’s incredible elementary years where he was elected vice president of his school, and where after his sister graduated, several teachers said to me, “Are you sure there aren’t any more of your children you can give us?” This is how he looked.

Brett Blog 15

14. Brett’s being a chick magnet in middle school. Aren’t middle school years supposed to be the most dorky and awkward? Not for Brett. Beginning in sixth grade, he was the favorite of all of the 8th grade girls. I heard constantly from moms that their daughter had a crush on my son, and some girls devised a system to get his attention, traveling the halls in groups looking for him and then coming up to him and shouting in unison “Hi Brett.”

Brettt Blog 7

14. Brett’s Bar Mitzvah – I never thought I could well up with such overwhelming pride as I did the day my son stood in synagogue and led a service and chanted from the Torah. His speech was impeccable too.

Brett Blog 6

15. Brett’s Bar Mitzvah party- Brett chose a Beatle’s Theme – “After a Hard Day of reading Torah, he deserves a Hard Day’s Night.” What a blast that party was! Bar Mitz invitation 16. Brett’s becoming an actor – Thanks to a wonderful theater teacher, Mr. D. in Middle School,  I got to see Brett star in a show and act in others. What a thrill for a mom whose son was then much more focused on athletics.

17. Brett’s proudly representing Houston in the JCC Maccabi games – soccer was his sport. We traveled to other cities to see him in this competition and it was so much fun. It was great watching my soccer star during this era star at his school and for a Super Blue –  almost Division I West U team.

Brett blog 11

18. Brett becoming president of his school in Middle School. What a fine leader he was, and he worked hard to represent his fellow students.

19. Brett’s Middle School graduation – As school president, Brett delivered a heartfelt speech to his fellow graduates. Remembering this moment still gives me chills. (He’s not going to like the next photo though)

Brett Blog 12

20. Brett’s becoming a National Merit Scholar his senior year of High School – meaning he was in the top  1% of all those tested on the PSAT test, and then applying and being accepted as a National Merit semi-finalist, a finalist and a then a scholar. He was always very smart, and he proved it with this.

21. Brett receiving a scholarship and being accepted into an honors program at the University of Texas. Going to UT was one of the best decisions Brett ever made, and it was a financial win for his parents.

Brett Blog 1

22. Brett becoming an entrepreneur in college. Brett decided to start a take out menu food business while still in college while juggling his coursework. It was quite a bold move.

Brett Blog 3

23. Brett graduating with honors and becoming a Phi Beta Kappa.

Brett blog 2

24. Brett getting into the number 15 law school in the country – his beloved University of Texas! Hook Em Horns and thanks UT for providing such an outstanding education that led Brett to so many incredible career opportunities. \m/

25. Brett getting recruited by top Houston law firms and working each summer through law school for a very generous amount of money, which allowed him to travel the world while still in law school. (see next one)

26. Brett’s wanderlust – Brett began traveling while in law school and got to see the world while going to law school AND working each summer. (Here in Israel, only one of many, many countries he visited.)

Brett Blog 22

27. Brett graduating with honors from law school and walking to receive his diploma in a wheelchair because he had total knee reconstructive surgery two days previous due to a softball game mishap.

Brett blog 20

28. Brett being sworn into the bar and receiving a lucrative position with one of Houston’s top law firms in a section that provides interesting work and great camaraderie, and sometimes, lots of fun.


29. Brett succeeding beyond all measure in work, with friends, and in life as a young adult, in addition to being the most loving son, grandson, brother and cousin.

30. Just to give his mom an extra thrill – modeling once again recently, here!

Brett Blog 14

Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful son, of whom I am so very proud. And thanks to my great husband Gary for helping me with the video for this blog. I am so looking forward to the next 30 years of great memories.

Now to address the possibly very embarrassed Brett: I love you so much Brett, and admire your sense of humor, your zest for life, and your passion for everything you care about.  With lots of love and admiration from your number one fan, Mom.


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