33 Favorite Photos of My Very Favorite Son on His Birthday

Each year, I do a blog for my two children’s birthdays. I reminisce about them from their wonderful childhood years or extoll their virtues as adults. It is hard to wrap my head around their actual ages because the years are advancing so swiftly, but my first-born, my son Brett, is turning 33 years old.

He is the best, most wonderful son and I am so very proud of the man he has become. He has been a dream since birth (give or take a few in the teen years) and it has been my utter joy to share his journey through life. He is now a husband to wonderful Andi, and he is as incredibly fantastic a husband as he is a son, as he is a brother, as he is a cousin, as he is a friend, as he is a career attorney and coworker, and as he is a human being. So many can vouch for those statements.

I nearly lost all of my old photos, kept in albums, but stored in plastic containers in my garage temporarily, and Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters did a number on them. So in honor of rescuing just some of the water-logged photos, here are 33 of my favorite photos of Brett.

Since he just got married six months ago, let’s start with those – one of the most joyous days of my life, and for sure the most joyous day of his life. (Thanks to Morgan Lynn for the great wedding photos.)

B and A after wedding

B and A Cake

B and A bride and groom

And on their honeymoon that followed: (Is this couple gorgeous or what?)

B and A Honeymoon

Now he is a dad! To pups!

b with pups

And now some favorites with me, his Mama:

My model son on the cover of a magazine.


At my 60th birthday party.


This is how happy I look and feel every time I am with him!


BirthdayMom's day 2013


Brett at a model seder in preschool with a handmade kippah that he was proud of:


One of the occupations Brett considered was a Mariachi!!!! True story.


His Bar Mitzvah Party theme was A Hard Day’s Night (after a hard day of reading Torah, they deserve a Hard Day’s Night!) Picture with the Beatles and Brett and his partner, Josh B, who is now a famous actor in movies and on TV.

Bar Mitz invitation

Brett’s Halloween costume one year honored his McDonald’s obsession.


And now some favorite modeling photos:

First, his only modeling job with his little sister!

Brett and Elissa modeling

Brett 1

Brett 10

Brett 1

Here is Brett on the box of a toy that was sold internationally.

Brett on Brik Toy Box

Brett’s face was in every supermarket for the Red Barrel Food Donation Program.

Brett 21

This next one ran in Time and Newsweek magazines

Brett 17


Love this next one because he had to act like he got a shot that hurt!

(No children were actually harmed in the making of this ad.)

Brett 12

Brett 11

Brett 19

Brett’s very first cleaned up photo as a newborn.

Brett and McDonaldsBrett Blog 4

Brett planting a kiss on his newborn sister Elissa.

bRETT blog 10

Brett was exceptional at soccer, and this photo shows that.

Brett blog 11

The Bar Mitzvah Boy

Brett Blog 6

The following two are some of my very favorites of all, during his first haircut:



My beautiful blue-eyed mop-top boy


Here is one of the most important days in his life professionally – being sworn into the Texas Bar.






Brett loving his puppies Doodles Left, and Pebbles Right when they first came homeBrett Pebbs and Doods 20081012

I chose this next one to show his adorable personality, here with a BIG fish!



Sorry for the poor quality of some of the photos, but they are scanned copies made from some damaged ones. From now on, all photos are kept digital!

Wishing Brett the very happiest birthday possible with so much love always from his blogger and embarrassing Mama.






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