A great joke for an “Easy Laugher”

Here’s a fact about my past. I was easy. It was long ago in my youth and young adulthood, but it wasn’t the kind of easy you are probably thinking of. (Get your minds out of the gutter people!)

You’ve heard of close talkers, right? They are the people that invade your personal space while speaking to you. I have known far too many close talkers in my life unfortunately, but I don’t know of too many of people who fit into the category I put myself in: An Easy Laugher.

I grew up giggling constantly at the most inane things, half funny things, corny comics on Ed Sullivan, and silly things that kids do. I related to poor Uncle Albert in the movie Mary Poppins who loved to laugh.

In fact despite my delayed puberty and goofy awkward looks through most of my school years, I could always attract a guy by giggling at everything they said.

For a guy, there is no better flattery than a girl laughing at his attempts at humor. I sought out guys for my boyfriends who were naturally funny, and they loved how I was constantly in stitches at even their most lame jokes and jests.

As I told a very funny fellow journalist, who also keeps me laughing, women LOVE funny men. He didn’t buy it – he said all the beauties want athletes or rock stars. But not me and a lot of women I know. We want the FUNNY.

I have noticed I have become more discriminating since I hit menopause. (If anything will stop you from laughing it is menopause.) I can watch a comic on TV and not even turn up the corners of my mouth in a semi-smile. This was absolutely unheard of in the past.
I could have had a great career as an audience member to comics who needed a plant –  someone laughing to start everyone else off. (I missed ANOTHER money making opportunity!)

At any rate, it takes a lot more to make me smile and an even greater effort to make me laugh out loud. I know everyone uses LOL ad nauseum these days, but I am not doing a whole lot of that anymore.

To give me hope of regaining my normal personality again one day, every once in a while I break out in a fit of chuckles or giggles. It is nice when it happens.

The other day, I read Kristen Wiig’s favorite joke and I laughed out loud. I then repeated it, and went into a fit of giggling. It didn’t take much, but by golly, something about this joke had me remembering what an easy laugher I was once upon a time.

Here’s the joke and hope it tickles you as it did (and still does) me.

A horse goes into a bar. The bartender looks at the horse and asks, “Why the long face?”

LOL Y’all. Enjoy.


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  • Keep laughing Arlene, we all could use it more and more each day. Funny Joke and thanks for the laugh!

  • Don’t give up your ability to laugh, Arlene. Laughter is good for the soul and it’s great at burning calories as well! I make it a point to laugh all day long. Perhaps that’s why people are looking at me funny…????

  • I laughed when Arlene told me the joke about the horse walking up to the bar. I hope she keeps telling good jokes. I like laughing, too.

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