A Shopaholic Says No Thanks to Black Friday

Lest anyone have any doubt – and a fact my regular readers know well, I come from the “Shoppers.” If I have a nickel, I spend a nickel – this has been my pattern since childhood when those Hershey bars could be purchased for that amount. I’ve even passed this unfortunate gene to both of my children. Take a look at any of our closets and it tells the tale quite clearly.

So how is it that an ultimate shopaholic like me does NOT partake in Black Friday?

I watch the news and see people camped outside of stores waiting for doors to open to purchase this year’s bargains. I love bargains myself, in fact I am going on 35 years as a Marshall’s shopper, yet Black Friday has absolutely no appeal to me. Besides, I feel I get huge bargains all year long!

I am thinking that the people camping out must be Re-Sellers by career and need to nab as many bargain priced electronics as they can to re-sell them at a huge profit on the internet. Isn’t Black Friday mostly about electronics anyway? Those people sleeping out are not trying to get a Calvin Klein dress at half off, I know that much.

Why else would someone give up a precious holiday such as Thanksgiving – a time to be with family and friends and celebrate a non-religious holiday- to stand in line? Why don’t they realize these holiday moments are fleeting, and precious, and no bargain in the world can replace that time?

So today, I will keep busy by setting up a hospitality suite for a friend’s daughter’s wedding weekend. I will prepare a meal for 35 friends and family for Shabbat. And I will be grateful that I didn’t feel compelled to go anywhere near a store today!

How about you? Black Friday or not?


  • I’ve already been to HEB, the NY Bagel Shop and Whole Foods. Now I’m on my way to Specs and Sam’s Club. Did not run into any lines earlier and if there are too many people at Sam’s, I’ll pickup what I need at Lowes. No Black Friday lines for me. Sales will be just as good before and after the holiday season. Maybe better if sales are not what the retailers expect or need.

  • I’m with you Arlene, no shopping for me! Craziness!!! You can always find bargains at TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, Home Goods, etc. Favorite place to shop is Amazon.com – no taxes, free shipping!

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