After A Blogging Absence, Here I Am Again!

A writer constantly entertains thoughts of readership abandonment. So that is why it was a gutsy move on my part to abandon ship on my other blog site and begin anew.
The entire absence, I sweated, I worried, I stressed, I obsessed. Will my readership forget about this blog? Will my readership try to find me? Will it be easy enough to find me? Will I lose some of the people who only stumbled across my blog by reading the Chronicle online?
In times of anxiety, people get this common dream, as discussed in this past blog.  Needless to say, I had this dream a bunch of times.
There were a lot of reasons to make a change. Without going into specifics, I was not happy with changes made at the Chronicle. They are a struggling organization, and although I am still a very busy contract writer for them, I was not a happy Blogger.
My next blog will be more of the same that you have come to expect from me – that twisted view of current topics, rantings, or just discussing the middle aged era of life. (As I did in Whine with Fine Wine)
Welcome back and thanks as always for reading me. I am humbled by the responses I get to my writing, and it honestly keeps me going! Tell your friends, and have them tell their friends, “You have got to link this Hot Flashes Blog!” ¬†
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  • Arlene, your articles are so descriptive and wonderful, it is like listening to a best friend share her views, I just want to jump in and say…I hear you, I know what you’re talking about!!! My dear friend and Pennsylvania neighbor MaryAnn’s daughter Christy Altimare starred in Pennsbury High Schools marvelous shows and got the lead in the travelling production of SPRING AWAKENING, glorious talent, and I felt so proud of her, as well!!!

  • I love to dance also. I have dragged my husband several times over the years to classes. We are taking classes now and I think he is enjoying it this time. It does take a lot of practice for couples to master the steps and its good exercise.
    Good luck with your new blog!!!

  • I hope you do eventually go back to doing Zumba. Yes, it’s crowded because it’s so additive. I’ve been doing it for about two and a half years 3 times a week. I never really liked to exercise, but I always loved to dance. Zumba really does bring it up to the next level. When you’re doing it with 25 some odd people you’re not inhibited at all and you gain confidence that you never had before. We’ve also blended it with weight lifting called, R.I.P.P.E.D. to gain muscle tone and strength which us women could always improve. Oh, and I love my instructor. No one moves like Rosa.

  • I just have a couple of questions about procedure………..I had been following you in the CHronicle for years. Was I supposed to know that you had moved? I finally Googled your name this week to find you.
    WHat is the problem at the Chronicle?
    Several other bloggers seemed to have either disappeared or stopped contributing.
    How are we supposed to find out what happened to them?

    In any case, I am back.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding me! It has been an enormously frustrating experience at the Chronicle and I finally decided I was tired of it all and started my own site (which took some doing!) Please share with anyone else you know who might enjoy it, I have to re-build my audience and “find” my readers! Thrilled to have you back and I have some enjoyable ones to come! Thank you Hope – you give me hope for this new site!

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