Aged Wine and Middle-Aged Whine – A Dining Experience

What is it about our age group that you start off on a perfectly pleasant evening, enjoying sips of delicious wine before an elegant meal, and before you know it someone brings up the first health complaint of the night?

At various times, in mixed groups, the following list of things has been discussed – almost always while at a nice, relaxing setting such as dinner out:




Heart Disease


Hot Flashes and Menopause


Hearing loss



Vision/Needing Reading Glasses

Earwax – I kid you not



Hip Replacement

Back problems

Knee problems

Keloid scarring




Sleep Apnea/snoring

Leg Cramps


Dry Eyes

Dental Issues


The above is not the list of side effects from some new medication advertised on TV, though it sure looks like one. It is also NOT an exaggeration.

In fact, I am sure I am missing quite a few things – but I generated the list by thinking of people we have been out dining with just recently, so I didn’t have to go far into my (aged) memory bank to mine all of those nuggets.

What are we, 100 years old? I thought our generation was in pretty good shape compared to our parents, but hearing these health creaks, discussions, and whines, it may not be the case.

This is from a group of relatively healthy, youthful and active middle agers, mind you. We just look and dress and act younger than the prior generation, and we go to music concerts, where we rock out to pretend we are still quite youthful.

The list of complaints shouldn’t surprise me. After all, middle age means the youthful years are behind us and we are staring straight into the senior citizen realm next. Raise your hand if you have received (and trashed) AARP materials?

I personally can wait for the movie discount, the seniors days discounts and the like. Despite the list of above complaints from me and my social group, I am just not ready to leap from middle aged to senior. No thanks.

In the meantime, it would be nice to get together, sip some wine, and hold the whine.



  • Playing ice hockey at 59-1/2 and looking forward to many more years of that is the best prescription I know of to stay healthy, thinking young and feeling pretty darn good. And you do not have to be fit as a fiddle, just good aerobic ability and leg muscles.

  • kvetching is klearly kontagious!

  • At the middle age of 70 I am looking forward to more years of working, dancing like this past Saturday night, traveling, and nut getting sucked into myth of old age. I have spent a life time working around my aches and pains and heartaches.

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