Another Birthday, How To Feel Young

How the heck I got to the age I currently am, I have no clue. The years moved swiftly by and now I find my mentality not quite caught up with the chronological number of my birthday today.

Sometimes I feel as vulnerable as the two year old in the above photo.

In other words, I feel waaaaay too young to be the actual age I am.  It is at those times that I have to remind myself that age itself is just a number, and that feeling youthful mentally translates to looking more youthful.

That’s me in my early 50’s with my stepson Perry.

As I have posted in the past, oldness is so relative to the stage of life you are in. I know for a fact that when I was young, my current age seemed ancient. Then, as I approached young adulthood, it seemed old, and now it seems YOUNG. I have pushed back old age in my mind to way past the 80’s! I mean, look at Betty White. She’s 89 and feisty and youthfully vibrant. Who says you HAVE to become old at all?

So to celebrate, I am going to an oldies concert with a big gang of friends. We are seeing the Fab 5 – a Beatles cover group and the Grass Roots, who will sing all of their pop hits like Midnight Confessions, Sooner or Later, Temptation Eyes, Things I Should Have Said to Her, Two Divided by Love,  Sha La La Let’s Live for Today, and many others. How fun!

I am sure I will be the biggest overgrown teenager of the entire group, rocking, dancing and singing along. That to me, is how to stay young!

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