App Fail – Update

Every once in a while I bump into an acquaintance, or a friend, or a friend of a friend, a neighbor, or other random person and they will mention that they read my blog and enjoy it. It makes me happy to hear such comments, because as one non-fan posted a while back when he was unhappy with what I wrote, he said thought my blog probably had about 5 readers.

Due to metrics and such devices, I know I have hundreds more than 5 readers, even thousands more. And those random precious comments reinforce that. I always get blog related questions too – if a certain blog strikes a chord, inquiring minds want to know the follow up.

(I thought about doing a comment contest to see how many actual responses I could generate, so that is still on the back burner at a future date.)

But for now, many of you want to know if my husband has ever actually used his “Happy Hour” app that he was so enthused on– and that I gave him a hard time about  saying we would never use it, and then blogged about it.

Guess who was right? Me. It remains an app featured on his phone – never used. We have yet to visit a happy hour. My husband envisioned us galavanting off to various spots to chase those Happy Hour deals. Not happening in this lifetime, but a good thought.

So App Fail. And another case where I turn out to be right many more times than I am wrong.

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