Are These Crystal Earrings Magical?

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of people that believe that crystals and stones have magical properties such as bestowing health, good luck, fortune, and more. Although I maintain an open mind about most things and tend not to rule out notions such as that one until I have definitive proof otherwise, I am neither a crystal “believer” or aficionado, or a non-believer.

Still, what happened and continues to happen with a certain pair of Austrian crystal earrings I own makes me believe there is something to the theory that crystals can be magical.

These clear colored Austrian crystal-dangling-earrings of mine were a favorite accessory from the time they were purchased a year ago. They can be worn with both casual and dressy outfits and they never look out of place. In fact I purchased them because I figured they would be versatile, and they were on sale, making the purchase even wiser. They look more expensive than they were, which is another bonus.

Because they were made with real high-grade Austrian crystals, just a drop of sun or light has them shining and sparkling as if they were the most elegant chandelier. No matter how many of my fingerprints get on them while I handle them, nothing dulls their sparkle. Due to their high wattage, they get noticed a lot.

They dangle on an ear-wire, and I think that the heaviness of the crystals causes the wire to slide back out of the ear hole because of course I never use stoppers like I should to avoid earrings falling out of my ears. (I tend to lose jewelry all the time- I can’t tell you how many good expensive gold hoops and such have been lost, leaving a solo that gets tossed to the bottom of my jewelry case never to be used again.)

I had gotten quite attached to these earrings when I lost one of them. Since I got them at a gift shop and an artisan made them, there was no way to replace the one I lost. And since they were so versatile, they were used more than most of my possessions, making the loss seem even harder. I have lost much more valuable jewelry before, and not felt nearly as sad as when I first lost one of the set of these crystal earrings.

The first time I lost one, the person I was eating lunch with pointed out that I was only wearing one earring. I was so hoping that I had a senile moment and only put one earring in that morning, but when I got home, there was no companion.

I retraced my steps, scouted high and low, but it was gone. I threw the lone survivor to the bottom of my jewelry case, and cursed myself out for being so careless with a favorite item.

Months went by and I decided to clean out my enormous purse. What was hiding at the deep bottom of my purse once all receipts and other accoutrements were cleared away? My little crystal earring.

It conveniently decided to fall off my ear, smack into the deepest folds of my large purse. (It obviously knew it was adored and wasn’t ready to leave me.)

I was so happy, I did a little dance. I promptly retrieved its mate and wore them happily again.

But did I really learn my lesson to properly secure these earrings when I wore them after that experience? No, because shortly after our joyous reunion, I was called out yet again on having only one earring on.

Since I ran out of the house late for an appointment that day and had been on the run ever since, there was no telling where or when I lost that earring. Still, I held out hope that perhaps I left it at home, or lost it at home.

After driving home, I had a brilliant idea to first look on my car seat and floor to see if it dropped there. No such luck, so I continued my search at home to no avail. The earring was gone again, and this time, most likely for good.

Like a cat that has nine lives though, this is not the end of the story of my magical crystal earring. A month or so later, as I opened my car door on a brilliantly sunny day, I didn’t have my polarized sunglasses on and the faintest sparkle caught my eye from  a deep crevice between the track of my movable drivers seat, and a hard plastic surface next to that.

It was almost as if it was waiting for just the right opportunity to call for help to be rescued. Upon further investigation, I saw my earring embedded deep in the crevice – so far down and so stuck that I had to get tools out to remove it. Once removed, there it was again, sparkling like it had never been so mistreated. The second time around, I had probably knocked it loose from my ear while yanking my seatbelt on.

This time I learned my lesson and I will only wear these indestructible earrings with rubber stoppers on the wire. The set of little earrings doesn’t want to part with me, and who am I to argue because the admiration and attachment is truly a two way street.


  • cute story. I misplace jewelry all the time..I take off an earring when speaking on my phone and most of the time forget to put back on. Perhaps I should finally pierce them

  • a familiar story, twice I lost a diamond out of my wedding band. I was ready to replace it both times, and once found it on shag carpeting and the other time on the car mat. Also, I never wear a pin without my stoppers. A company called Liztech, provides them with their pins, calling them pin insurance.

  • What a cool story! I’m not much for jewelry..I’m pretty sure the holes in my ears closed up over twenty years ago, but I too had an experience that made me think that karma plays a role when it comes to jewelry.

    About two years ago, I was vehemently pursuing a small claims court case that my husband was willing to drop months earlier. (It involved an incompetent videographer at my only child’s bar mitzvah) Nobody wanted me to have my day in court..everyone insisted I just let it go, but I couldn’t..I invested too much emotion and way too many calls to prevent the inevitability of what eventually happened.

    The defendants were actually pleasant and cooperative when we finally had our day before a mediator, and as confident and articulate as I was presenting my side of the story, something went horribly wrong as I looked down to see a bare rut that once housed the diamond that had been my engagement ring. It was nowhere to be found(and I eventually got a newer, nicer diamond) but I always wondered why the stone had never come loose before..only the day I did something that everyone warned me not to do!

    In 1993, my husband and I took a trip to Australia, a country noted for mining exquisite opals. I went to a very famous store outside of Sydney Harbour, gifting all my friends back home with opals that were guaranteed to mature as time went by. Ugh..if only the same could have been said about some of the ex-friends who received the opals!

    Nice blog!

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