Baby Mama to Rich Athlete Daddy Should Not Be a Job Title

I know I promised a few years ago on one of my most sincere New Year’s resolutions to be less judgmental. And yet, I can’t help being angry about things and that requires judging the behavior of individuals.

So with apologies, I will get to today”s  rant – no make that today’s hot flash. (Hot topics people!!)

There is a case burning up the Houston newspapers of a famous athlete, football player Arian Foster. You can read the start of the drama here. Simply stated, although he has spewed all this family values stuff, he has been cheating on his wife and has impregnated a young girl.

Said young girl is riding the gravy train – cashing in on being a baby mama to a rich athlete daddy. She can expect thousands and thousands of dollars each month to support her child, meaning that she can remain jobless, raise the baby in the lap of luxury, drive a fancy vehicle, and go around dripping in designer purses.

She hit the jackpot and many girls choose to do this for the same reason.

Now before you think I am siding with the rich athletes who can’t keep their pants zipped, I am absolutely in favor of them suffering for their immoral behavior. The problem is, the only way they suffer is through initial humiliation when it goes public, and then through the cash outlay. The cash outlay is a drop in the bucket to these guys earning millions and millions of dollars. They can all afford lots of these baby mamas and progeny without it affecting their own lifestyle one bit.

And yes, some of them have quite the string of these “financial obligations.”  (Shawn Kemp anyone?) They are serial adulterers for the most part, kind of like Tiger Woods, though he was lucky he didn’ t have any babies come out of the many liaisons.

The girls aren’t exactly suffering either. They are set for life, or until the baby with the rich daddy turns 18 and then she has to figure out a new way to earn income.

I am angry with these girls that I seem to see and read about everywhere these days.  The Bachelor is featuring one this season, and has featured them on season’s past. I am not judging them, but I want MORE for them. I want them to have enough self esteem to have a family with the father around full time, or to have a career that is fulfilling. I want them to aspire to something more than being a well paid baby mama to an irresponsible athlete. Many if not most design that lifestyle intentionally.

Mamas out there: please, I beseech you! Teach your daughters well. Brainwash them against these sort of aspirations. And teach your sons to treat women better than this.


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