Beauty Then and Now

One night when I was winding down, I was surfing Facebook and came across a photo of two of my favorite classy and elegant beauties of all time, who happened to be movie stars. The photo was of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Both were natural looking and just gorgeous. They exuded class and elegance. Those words are lost on most of the celebrities of this generation.

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On the same night I was viewing a video someone sent me and in the queue directly below was an old Miss Universe or Miss USA pageant where the finalists were announced. I think it was from 1976 or so. I was shocked at the lack of makeup and straight long hair or slighty curled without a lot of frills on all of the finalists. Natural looking beauties, every one. The winner was refreshing looking.

Out of curiosity, I watched a few other finalists events from the 2000’s and several recent ones. We went from natural beauty of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s to the more recent heavily eyelashed, heavily sprayed hair, spray-on tans, whitened teeth with veneers (huge looking) and with a ton of botox to boot. Not only that, but many of the finalists look the same, done up with the same fakery, they all resemble each other.

When I look at celebrities who are supposed to be “beautiful” and I see nothing but Botox and eyelashes and those long sharp fake nails that resemble spears, and lips plumped, I do not find anything about them to be beautiful. (And I shutter to think of who has been poked or impaled by those lethal weapons spear nails.)

The fake eyelashes now look so heavy and ridiculous, I do not know how women can keep their eyelids open with them on. Again, call me out of touch, but it looks to me like they are sporting little furry animals above and below their eyes. I mean a little mascara enhancement, and maybe some delicate ones would accent the eyes so much better.

There are so many “influencers” out there now, and each one looks more fake than the next. I do not get the new standard of beauty which likely includes tattoos everywhere, to plumped up lips with stiff injected faces. This is who young people follow. I know I am probably an out of touch old fogey, but still….. give me that natural beauty any day of the week. I am not impressed with the current crop.

I look at my own children, unadorned with nary a tat or fake eyelash, and I think to myself, THAT is beauty. Natural nails and looks is what they all (we have a lot of kids between us)possess and they are all beauties. They are the Audrey Hepburns and Grace Kellys of the current generation. Simple, classic, elegant, natural.

Here’s a photo of me without a stitch of makeup on taken when I was either 19 or 20. This is what we went around looking like in the 1970’s.

It makes me sad thinking how much women have to alter themselves to fit into today’s standard of beauty. When I think of the models who were the standard of beauty when I was young, I think of Iman, Cheryl Tiegs Cybil Shephard, or Christy Brinkley. They were all true natural beauties. And now for some photos to prove my point.


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