Concessions (and Confessions) to Old Age, How Embarrassing!!

You may ask yourself, why would this blogger go to the trouble of pointing out that she is an old lady? I ask myself that as I write this. I pride myself on defying my age in looks, health, and vitality. But let’s face it. In chronological years, I am an old broad and there is no polite way of turning the clock back on that fact.

I just finished a stretch at the dentist, work that I have to do regular upkeep on as I age because my DNA is awful in regards to my gums and teeth. More visits planned to do the maintenance, as well as pain and torture required to keep my smile and bite healthy. I fortunately will not have dentures in my future, because I go through this “upkeep” and spend thousands to do so.

Another confession, I am going to my 50th High School reunion! I mean, sometimes I feel like a teenager, and cannot register that 50 years have passed since my graduation. With the posting of this event, I have to admit that sometimes I have the energy of my youth, and sometimes, I am absolutely exhausted especially after hosting a holiday or bubbie-sitting my grandkids. Some days I bounce into Yoga, and some days, I hobble like the old lady I am.

I have put a chair in my bathroom, as well as a footstool in my walk-in closet. Why on earth would I do such a thing? Ummm, getting those socks and shoes on now requires a sit-down, and no longer a bend down. A few awkward balances later, (where i could have tumbled but did not somehow) I realized that just because I work hard on my balance in yoga, I do not have the balance of my former younger self.

On another balance related item, I have stairs in my home, and I carry toddlers up and down all the time. I firmly grip the banister while ascending or descending, where I used to just skip or fly up or down them.

Even more embarrassing is my investment in a Flawless Brow pen. Plucking has become painful and this makes it easier, but more importantly, it zaps away those stray hairs that come out of nowhere on my face and chin. Do NOT tell anyone about this, but I do have an occasional (white) chin hair. I have tried laser hair removal too, and it only works on dark hair. My hair is blonde, but underneath it is as white as snow.

Speaking of white hair, seriously, gray hair is one thing, but WHITE HAIR? Isn’t that reserved for 80 plus? It is a genetic condition that my entire paternal side has of getting the premature and early white hair. Underneath that crown of golden blonde is the whitest hair you can imagine.

Dinner time and bed time are earlier. I find if I eat too late, it just sits in me and does not metabolize well. Now I understand about those early bird specials. I must be ancient but I like to eat by 6 pm.

My bed time has gotten earlier and earlier. I used to burn the midnight oil in writing or reading. Now I am lucky if I make it to 10 pm. This has really curtailed my writing as I always do it at night due to working full time in the day, so if you see less blogs, you know why.

The absolute worst part of my aging has been that I have become hard of hearing. I blame my DNA, (both sides of my family became hard of hearing as they aged) and the many rock concerts where I stood in front of speakers when I was young, and blew out decibels of my hearing levels. How many of us read lips to get all the words right? In the era of face masks that does not work. My husband and I are sporting his and hers devices now and our television is once again at a normal level. (PS, I cannot believe I am actually admitting this.)

Now that COVID is waning, the invitations to events are coming back around. While my first thought is still, is this a safe event, my second thought, especially with holiday parties, is, “Do I want to expend energy in getting fahpitzed after a long day at work, and then night time driving, and then working the crowd?” If you knew the former younger me, this would seem like a crazy new version as I am a social animal. Is it just me, or does an evening in bed reading seem much more appealing? I have created a much quieter and smaller life in the COVID era, and that seems to suit my aging self very well.

Speaking of driving, my aging nervous system likes to do this task less and less. I hate to drive at night, and realize that this is a silly fear I should not have, but I do and I have to admit it here.

Another thing that speaks to my advanced age, is that I am trying to be drama-free. For those former friends that always stirred up some drama, even if it was just on Facebook, I have quietly removed them from my life. I am fortunate with more than the normal number of good friends, so I do not need drama from acquaintances and other more peripheral friends.

I actually unfriended a few from FB. I realize I am relentlessly cheerful and share mostly good news on FB and kvell about my children and grandchildren. To me, that is why that platform exists, and I relish keeping up with others who post the same. I also post my blogs, and though it is not my most reliable way of getting them out there, with FB algorithms messing up web type postings, I enjoy sharing them.

It seems some have been annoyed by my posts. They either stopped following me or made sarcastic comments. Well, guess what, that is why the Unfriend button exists. Who needs it? I will confide here that I have made about five MORTAL ENEMIES just from unfriending from FB. They now hate me with a passion. But that just illustrates that if it was that easy to switch from mere displeasure with me to absolute hatred, I was right to get their drama out of my life.

Life is too short to deal with needless drama. The rain must fall for all of us on occasion, but we do not need people creating that rain. I am too old to care what others think of me.

So here is a recent photo of me to reassure that while I have become an old lady, I am fighting looking the part with every fiber of my being. I plan to look FABULOUS for my reunion.

Ok, let me hear from you – what can you share about your concessions to old age?


  • Leah Braunfeld Premazon

    Loved everything you wrote and, unfortunately, can relate to all of it. We’re definitely not what we used to be but while life’s different, it is still wonderful. Keep writing, I love your writing, Arlene.

  • Absolutely loved your old lady blogged. Made laugh, smile and think of myself… Fun reading and relating… You and your mini me are so cute. I have one, with me as Super Woman.. Love that yours match your outfit. So creative…and fun. Miss you at Sing along.. Happy Holiday’s… Hope to see you soon. The Christmas sing along is December 18, Jody has Christmas song sheets… Hope to see you there… Happy New Year!!

  • You’re fabulous.

    While I dont like getting old,I still ” run with the boys” with hobbies I’ve nurtured since childhood. All of us have gone through health trials and tribulations yet every other Wednesday and each Friday morning, I’m there to share breakfast with them.

    My bride has gone through too many operations and has had heart problems and strokes. Yet with all the genetic anomalies she shares with her sister and one of her female first cousins, she gets up every morning and finds ways to enjoy retirement after 40 years of being an Elementary School Title 1 and Reading Specialist.

    Like you, my wife is very much a girlie-girl and laments about her looks as a result of age. And I still see her as the day I met her; just gorgeous.

    So yes, it’s hard but we share friendships with those not among us anymore like Randy LaPoten. I say to people that I will die one day but not yet. There’s still a lot to here!


    Eddie Gibbs

  • I read this so quickly because it’s everything that’s in my mind daily…. walking up the stairs why did I buy a house when I was 50 that has stairs… 20 minutes every night checking my hair on my face and looking at my age in a really big mirror… as for personality I’ll Never Grow Up… but I must agree with no drama this is a no drama area…delete…. and I don’t mean just on Facebook….good blog doll… and you look fabulous

  • I don’t eat as much and am more careful what I eat. It used to be easy to stay at the same weight no matter what because I was so active, but I’ve slowed down and it isn’t easy anymore to stay slim without a plan. My husband and I are both fans of the intermittent fast, in my case, eating within an 8 hour window. It’s amazing how well it works.

  • You look fabulous! I liked your blog!

  • Phyllis Trachtenburg

    Favorite sentence: “I am too old to care what others think of me.” As for white chin hair…I have one. When it gets to half inch long, I shave it off. Working full-time keeps you young. Things get worse after retirement. I retired in 2010. So trust me on this.

  • Another great blog!!! I really enjoy and respect your truthfulness and honesty. You look great and keep doing what you’re doing! I’m right with you!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Arlene is still a hottie ~!

  • I loved reading this… How courage of you, my friend- white chin hairs??? Oh my!!!
    Keep looking fabulous, Baby and I’ll see you at the reunion!

  • Beautifully said. Each and every word you wrote is true.

    And by the way you look fabulous! Enjoy your 50th reunion!

    Thank for your blog.

  • Great column! Don’t cry about the “Flawless”, amazing invention!
    Like fine wine, we’re better with age!

  • I’ll just say this I’ve started scouting out the ramps wherever I go. Wth? And the state of my aged physique can be summed up like this. I was walking through campus one day when I saw a student throw down her skateboard and jump on while carrying on a conversation on her cell, whereas I needed a second to step up from the curb.

  • After 1.5 years of me asking Phil to take a hearing test, he finally did and was greatly surprised. 50% loss in one ear; 55% in the other. They told him to thank me for my perservance.

  • Loved it. Can so relate. I will share one of my old lady moments. I work with mainly Gen X and. Millennials. I pride myself for being older, wiser and proper. One day after lunch, as I was checking the afternoon surgical schedule at the front desk, I sneezed and simultaneously passed wind. My hearing not being as acute as earlier in life, I surmised it was silent. Not being odiferous, I felt I escaped huge embarrassment. Unfortunately, giggling surrounded me and when I looked up from the computer, my colleague flashed me her phone screen with a text message sent round “Guess who farted at the front desk?” All I could do was look up at everybody and grin!

  • Right with you Arlene.

  • Love this blog and can relate so well

  • I LOVE this blog. You write what I feel but do not express. I too have a shower seat and closet stool. Be grateful that your “lighter blonde” is actually the gray hair of older people–think of the money you are saving. I have not had to touch up my hair for over a year and I am blonde like you. Drivers are worse than ever–I avoid driving after sunset. Who knows who is lurking around your car or pulling up beside you at the traffic light? Meals are earlier and home cooked–the food market gets the maximum of our income. Know that I think highly of you and value your friendship.

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