Cue Creepy Music – My Experience with a Psychic

I have never been either a doubter or a total believer in psychics. As with everything in life, I believe there are legitimate people with a gift of seeing things others can’t see, and there are many who exploit people for money by pretending to be gifted. By the way, I totally believed in Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost!

I guess if there is any cynicism, it is due to having grown up visiting Atlantic City every summer where I would stroll the boardwalk with my parents seeing old ladies hawking psychic readings. We of course, never stopped and it seemed no one else did either, and this was my first exposure to the “craft.”  But now that I think about it – you’ve played Monopoly and you KNOW how expensive Boardwalk rent is. Well, that comes from the Boardwalk retailers who pay premium rent for their spot on the famous Boardwalk. So those old lady psychics must have done well to afford that high rent.

Back to the story behind this blog post. Having great intuition myself and having had accurate premonitions on occasion, I certainly believed in psychic powers and was always open to it although I never indulged in my own experience.

When I was in my early thirties, I had dear friends named Judy and Mark, who first lived in Houston and then moved to San Diego. Mark was a brilliant young spinal surgeon and I really admired him. Our families stayed close, even after they moved and they visited us about a year after they moved and stayed in our home. The day after they left us, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a note from Mark thanking me for my hospitality and a wonderful visit.

The very next day after I got that bouquet – and in fact while staring at it while answering a shocking phone call,  I received unspeakable news.  Mark had gone scuba diving in San Diego and got caught up in kelp, and died. My entire family was devastated and we decided to go out to San Diego to be with Judy and her kids during the difficult first days. I stayed a bit longer than my husband who had to return to work and tried my best to comfort Judy. When it was time for me to leave, she asked me to come back in a month, and I agreed.

Judy was functioning a month later during my visit – as a mother to two little ones, she had no choice. Still, she was haunted that there were things about Mark’s sudden death she couldn’t come to terms with. She wondered if he suffered, if he struggled, and how he felt about leaving them and she felt the need to talk to him. So she decided to find the best psychic in San Diego to communicate with her husband in the world beyond.

I was skeptical, but went along with her for the visit – she had already had several sessions with this lady and Judy warned me that she didn’t tell the psychic I was coming, but that I would find her amazing.

The minute I stepped in the house, the lady looked at me and said, “Ah a skeptic! I love that you brought me a skeptic Judy!”

I told her nothing about myself, but I sat there and watched her interact with Judy. Suddenly she stopped her interaction with Judy  and started sniffing the room. She did this in a very exaggerated way.

“I smell wonderful baked goods, and the room smells extraordinary,” the psychic said.  She looked at me.

“It’s for you – your grandmother is here to visit with you.”

Although I didn’t smell anything, I was floored. I lost my beloved grandmother five years previously and she was indeed known for her legendary baking and cooking. In fact, my fondest memories are of her in her kitchen making delicious things for me and the rest of her family.

Then the psychic said that my grandmother wanted to tell me she is proud of me and my children and that she was especially pleased that my daughter was named for her. Again, this is something that Judy did not know, so she couldn’t have prepared this woman for the dialog we were having.

Finally, the most amazing thing was when I asked the woman to say my grandmother’s name. She said E right away and struggled a bit but came up with Eve. (Her name was Eva – but her Hebrew name was Chava, which means Eve in Hebrew)

I was totally freaked out, and lost in my memories and the presence of my Gram’s spirit. I asked her to continue with Judy and I somewhat overheard her telling Judy all the things Mark would want to say to her while I was in my own world flooded with thoughts of my Gram.

I didn’t get to visit Judy in San Diego again because she moved back to her hometown to be with her family during her grief.  And darn it, I never did get that lady psychic’s name, something I have always regretted.


  • When I was in my 20s I went to a psychic in San Francisco. She was in demand so I waited a year for my appointment. I tape recorded my visit to her. She told me lots of vague things you might tell a young single 27 year old woman. But in the end she told me April 18 will be an important date for me. 10 years later I gave birth to my son on April 18th

  • I have had many visits from passed loved ones in the past. My fans go on by themselves as well as my tv and lights I welcome them and talk to them. I am so happy to know they are around me. I have a friend with psychic abilities. Lost contact over 20 years and met her again in the market. Invited her to come back to my home for coffee. She walked in and said she was sorry for the loss of my husband’s brother (he passed about 5 years ago). We asked her how she knew he died and she said “because he is here with us now “. I believe!!!

  • I do believe there are people with these abilities, but we should have no part of them! The Bible/Torah is very clear about not using them. I thought this “Ask the Rabbi” answer was very good from a Jewish perspective –

  • This is most riveting entry I’ve read in awhile! So sad about Mark. (That’s the second tragic scuba death I’ve heard about..the travel agent who worked with my brother Bruce drowned while scuba diving in Jamaica) I’ve never been a believer..not even after seeing “Ghost.” The baked good things could have been a lucky guess, but getting so close with the name..well..that HAS to be the real deal!

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