The Current Normal, Which is the Old Normal and not the New Normal!

Normal, predictable, routine, mundane, boring. (WAIT, never boring – my life is too busy to ever utter that word even in jest.) These words are music to my ears. My life has finally returned to normal. and that’s all I wished for since the flood of Memorial Day, 2015, and now, in January 2017, my wish has come true.

After the flood, I had to adapt and people said it will be my “new normal,” and all I wanted was my old normal back. And now I have it back. I persevered through 18 months of the new normal and am just glad that stage of my life is over.

Normal now feels comfy, cozy, glorious, and wonderfully predictable. I have my old commute back, and now I don’t have to worry about auto-pilot taking me to the wrong address. I have free time once again, and I am going out on my bicycle riding on the nearby bayou bike path, and going more regularly to yoga. I have resumed my regular Mah Jongg playing, Bachelor TV watching, (I gave up TV and movies for a long while just to get everything done.) and nesting some more whenever I get a moment. I am just breathing in this wonderful time, reveling in the moment–each and every moment of this new settled life. There is so much overwhelming gratitude on my part, practically each and every minute of this new existence.

Busier than most, I am still finding time to entertain, to host people in my home once again. It was something I loved to do and was not able to do it since the flood. I am cooking and baking again, I soon will be swimming, and I look forward to planting and gardening. That all sounds so blissful to me. See the sign in my kitchen about my new state of being:


I will never take this level of comfort for granted. As I wrote in my just past Huff Post blog, I am like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – after a long and traumatic journey, there is “no place like home.”

My life, filled with friends, family, and a great social life, will never be boring, but our regular routine and everyday life is now settled; and it’s sameness is as comforting as an old slipper. I am back at the address where I belong with my neighbors surrounding me, the familiar shopping close by, and my place in the world where it should be.

My stress level has gone from off the charts (as well as the stress rash that came along with that state of being) to normal everyday stress. What a relief.

True, I have another major event – my son’s wedding –that I am about to get very busy with, and my father’s 90th birthday is taking a bit of my time in planning and executing. But I am treating myself to a well-deserved vacation shortly, and I have the summer to look forward to when I really kick back.

Normal, normalcy, back to normal. It sounds so simple, yet was so elusive for so long for us. I am thinking of those not there yet and thankful every day just to be in my place on the earth. back to my old routine.



  • Glad you are no longer stressing!! Is the rash gone? I will have to look up the name “Balabusta”, it’s not familiar to me!
    I love a good routine too!
    Enjoy your lovely new home!

  • As always, your blog has inspired me! It’s so nice to go through the trials and low spots of life and come out better. That’s what life is all about. I’m so happy for you and Gary, that it made my day even better. Just being content is contagious!
    Sometimes the worst thing turns into a wonderful gift. Much love and happiness in that lovely space you call home.

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