Daylight Savings Time Disagreement – Do You Lose an Hour?

My husband and I are opposites in many ways and I have addressed this is many blogs before this one. We also approach Daylight Savings Time from different perspectives.

I love turning the clocks back in the fall. I find that first day longer and I can get more done. This is because I am the type of person that tries to squeeze in far too many things to do with the amount of time I am given.

So when the Spring is nearing and we turn the clocks AHEAD, this causes me some serious issues. (not really so don’t read anything dark into that statement.)

My husband, who is always saying he doesn’t have enough time either doesn’t believe we really lose an hour on the day you wake up and it is one hour later.

For people like us that try to go to bed around the same hour every night and for me, who awakens around the same time every day, I feel this lost hour quite personally.

We were out on Saturday evening, of course, and we were partying until 11 pm. I told my husband that meant it was midnight and I would have to get right in bed once we arrived home and turned the clocks an hour ahead.

I was already thinking about brunch that we planned with my daughter and her boyfriend staying with us, my dad, and dragging all of us out after a night of revelry at 10 am. That meant we had to get up at 9 am to all get ready by leaving time and that 9 am was really 8 am since the clocks were pushed ahead.

Since we do lounge in on weekends, it seemed like it would be a challenge to get up and get ready so early, and I mentioned it.

This started a discussion where I assured my husband that every other human agreed with me in thinking that the time of 9 am was really 8 am, that getting to bed at midnight was really 1 am etc.

He disagreed and said that is a crazy way of thinking of the time change.

Sure enough, yesterday, the time flew by, there were not enough hours and before you knew it, the shorter day was over. My company was gone, and I was feeling an hour short.

So here’s today’s question and POLL: how many of you think of time as the time before it got pushed ahead on the clocks, and how many of you like me HATE losing that precious hour. (Even WITH the one gained in the fall?)

Let’s hear from you!

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  • I used to hate losing that hour! Since being here in Arizona , where we don’t do Daylight Savings Time, I don’t miss it at all!! No more turning clocks forward and back and most importantly, not messing with our body’s internal clock!!

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