Dreaded Words: Where Do You Want to Go to Dinner?

Our conversation on deciding what we want to do for dinner is like a George Burns and Gracie Allen routine. Or maybe Laurel and Hardy.

This happens frequently as since I have been an empty nester, I cook less and less.

Around dinnertime, sometimes we both just put together something in the fridge, or take a bowl of cereal.

Sometimes Gary is really hungry and he will usually be the one to suggest going out to dinner. It starts out ordinary enough.

“Where do you want to go? he asks.

“I don’t care, just pick a place.” I absentmindedly reply. (Obviously not tuning in to his innermost food needs)

“What do you feel like?”  he persists.

“I haven’t had a moment to think about what I feel like eating, so let’s go where you feel like eating,” I respond. (I am trying to be easy and amenable – but sometimes I am just brain dead at the end of the day and can’t make another decision)

“I was hoping YOU would pick a place,” Gary retorts. (He’s obviously as brain dead as me)

My stomach is not cooperating in giving a signal to my brain.

“I don’t even want to think, so honestly where ever you want to go, I am fine with,” I assure.

“What do you want to eat? Gary persists. “Or pick a few places and then I will choose.”

Sensing defeat, I force myself to tap into something that I am in the mood for and then suggest anywhere from 1-3 places.

Which of course Gary immediately rejects.

We then get into the car and he drives us to where he wants to eat.

By then, my brain is fully in-tuned with my stomach and it is thinking about the places I suggested, and sometimes the belly-brain connection is even disappointed with the final destination.

And so it goes until the next time when the same scenario replays like a bad running-gag.

We both love good food, and we like the same restaurants. So why is it that we are never in the mood for the same thing?

Does anyone else experience this? Would love to hear from you!


  • Sometimes all I feel like eating for dinner is matzah and butter. Your post reminds me of a very funny Al Yankovic ballad “stuck in the drive thru” My kids used to listen to it constantly because they get it too.

  • Being retired gives me the opportunity to eat lunch out with my friends during the week and we often have plans with friends or family that includes eating out on the weekends, at least one of the two days. Warren knows I prefer to eat at home, if it’s just the two of us. I think he would always would prefer to eat out or bring in take-out. So would I, if I didn’t have to count calories!

  • Are you kidding me? We go through this all the time! And then we decide to eat in. Very funny blog, Arlene.

  • constantly! I get: “anywhere you want to go” and after I suggest something, it’s “anywhere but that.” So I suggest another place, and it’s “or THAT.” Then, it’s a chorus of “I just had Italian last night”..(so?? You can’t order something different?) or..worst of all..”let’s not go out. Let’s stay home…hey..there’s nothing good to eat in this house!” What some folks wouldn’t do for all my New Year’s leftovers..Hawaiian meatballs and garlicky roast beef…not my boys! They’re impossible! (Does it really matter what you’re eating or where you’re dining when all that’s being discussed is football anyway?)

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