Eating crow over Bachelor, crunch crunch

Damn it. Not that I mind being wrong. I just don’t like admitting that I allowed the editors/producers of the Bachelor to totally manipulate me all season. I saw how much fun Brad had with her and how comfortable he was, while I saw nervousness with Emily. He was nervous because he fell hard for Emily.

In hindsight, I can see how his tentativeness, tiptoeing etc was a sign that he was smitten, and I also overlooked the southern belle factor. Brad is very southern. Very Texan, and I can see where that would be attractive.

So I got played. I bought into the Chantal thing. Obviously she did too. In fact, Brad seemed to tell her tonight, well it was fun so I kept you around. Fair trade: Fun and World Travel for Emotional Torture!!

I am eating crow now. That’s the crunching you hear – those wings are so crunchy!

Emily is clearly not as into this as Brad. He is besotted. She is skeptical. She even admits she would have picked Chantal too based on what she saw on the show.

This Brad and Emily thing is never getting to marriage. I will go out on another limb. And probably eat more crow. Oh well.

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  • I thought for sure it was Chantal because he never met Emily’s “family” (just the daughter)….and what a change in life style he would have to make. Well he should have chosen Chantal!

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