Everything You Needed To Know About The Emmy Awards This Year Without Watching

Julia Louis Dreyfuss won because she always wins and she is very popular. (see this blog) Can someone who actually watches VEEP tell me if she in any way is worthy of five Emmys in a row?

Henry Winkler did not age well and his tie was too short and didn’t fit over his belly. Oh Fonzie.

Jill Soloway won because she will always win because she is leading the way in the fight for Transgender Rights with her show, but I am very biased against her, not for her or her family’s sexual or gender preferences, but for her clothing choices each year. I would LOVE to be her stylist and no matter that she prefers men’s wear, I would make sure she is dressed to perfection!

Aziz – that funny guy from Parks and Rec won for writing but his speech got cut off and then he sat in his mom’s lap while he lost out on an acting Emmy, and then he gave his writing speech when he presented. He showed them!

Lots of other people won but I don’t watch current TV and I have no idea who they are or what they do in their roles.

The In Memoriam was extra touching this year because we lost so many larger than life people, and because some singer sang a beautiful version of one of my favorite songs of all times, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Jimmy Kimmel, who is not Jimmy Fallon, was only marginally amusing.

Until the next awards ceremony or pageant, this is your able reporter, signing off.


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