Going Shopping in my Closet

When I bought my current home, I have to admit that other than the great neighborhood that it was situated in, one of the biggest selling features was the woman’s master closet.

Note that I said woman’s master closet. That’s because there is a “his”and “hers” everything in the master bedroom and bath including walk-in clothes closets. The one that was the size of a small bedroom was the woman’s master closet.

Now don’t assume I live in a mansion because I don’t. I live in a nice, but modest house on a modest street. It’s just that the previous owner who built the home was in the retail clothing business and was more of a clothes horse than I could ever be. He amped up the closets and storage like nobody’s business. As I have said before, I am able to be a hoarder due to all of this space, and no one even knows my little secret!

My closet for example, is much larger than Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) on Desperate Housewives. (She spent a lot of time in there, and that’s why I bring hers up. I don’t watch the Real Housewives anything, but I would put my closet up against any of theirs)

Due to this, I tend to store stuff in the back that I forget about. Mostly dressy attire.

Since I happily have two weddings to go to in November, I got the itch to buy a new dress or two. Being on the wedding circuit, I had worn just about everything nearly new or new-ish.

Yet instead, I decided to go shopping in my closet- in the deep dark back recesses where I am forced to bring a portable fluorescent light with me to properly see. (There was huge storage space but questionable lighting of said space.)

What fun I had. I tried on two or three dresses not worn in several years but still stylish and pretty. Something old is new again. Can’t wait to wear them.

Moral of today’s story: donate all those every day and business outfits when you tire of them, but keep the formal wear around for a bit.


  • Sounds like fun! I had our closets re-designed when we moved in there, and we have 4 good sized ones with shelves. No walk-ins (though we had one in the last rental we had), but I find “new” things in the closet twice a year, when I change the clothes hanging in the closet and put things away for the seasons.

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