Having My First Argument with My Siri

So you’ve all seen the comedy routine faux commercial for Siri where the husband and wife argue through Siri’s voice. Ha Ha, funny, right? Well, funny until you get into it with the actual Siri.

I now have an iPhone 4S and it has taken some work getting my Siri trained properly, but there are still many glitches. I thought Siri was going to be my new best friend, yet we are already fighting.

Actually, when I first got it, my son showed me “The fun you can have with Siri” by prompting her to marry him.

She responded, “I don’t know you well enough.”

He then said, “You’re so pretty.”

She responded to that one: “I bet you say that to all your virtual assistants.”

I really think after this session of games, Siri decided to get some retribution. Thanks a lot Brett.

I had a long drive the other day and I wanted to text my daughter via voice. The options earlier had me set up family members such as son, daughter, husband, and prior to that I had successfully texted my husband and son using the voice command through Siri.

Then I tried my daughter Elissa by commanding “Text my Daughter” because Siri does NOT recognize her name no matter how much I enunciate, or try to spell it. (She doesn’t recognize spelling by the way)

Siri  responded, “Ok text your daughter, Brett.” Brett’s number came up for the text. The thing is Siri KNOWS Brett is my son because when I say “Text my son,” she gets it right. But Siri is SIRI-ously confused because she thinks Brett is both my daughter and my son.

Since I was driving, I tried to explain to Siri that she had it wrong, but she kept texting my explanations to Brett and asking if I was ready to send the text instead of responding to my telling her she was wrong. I cancelled three times before I closed out the screen, rebooted and tried again.

Sure enough, Brett was still my daughter. I closed out the text and just brought up Siri plain and simple. She asked what she could help me with. This is where the argument started.

We got into a voice altercation. It turned heated at some point. See below:

Siri: How may I help you?

Me: You have my daughter’s name incorrect. It is not Brett but Elissa.

Siri: Ok, do you want to call your contact Alyssa M…?

Me: No, wrong Elissa. I want you to recognize Elissa as my daughter. Her phone number is _713________.

Siri: Ok, I will call __713______.

Me: NO, don’t call __713____, I want you to fix the daughter contact FROM Brett to Elissa.

Siri: Ok, call Brett?


Siri: Ok, looking up Voice Prompt on the Web

Me: CANCEL! I want you to change the voice prompt for my Siri service to register my daughter as ELISSA!

Siri: Call Alyssa M?

Me: NO! My daughter is Elissa!

Siri: What do you want to do with your contact Alyssa M…?”


Siri: Ok, you want to look up changing Brett to Elissa?

Me: NO! I want you to change the relationship you have as my daughter!

Siri: I am sorry, Siri cannot change your relationships.

After trying every which way to get Siri to listen and respond to my command, I gave up. Until I decide to break down and deal with calling Apple service, (a WHOLE other blog, if I might say!) I have to give up.

Brett will remain my daughter, and I will stay pissed off at my Siri.


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