Hey Hey, You You, Get Off of My Cloud

Great Rolling Stones song that I can’t get out of my head every time I hit the bed. Actually I used to be like a rolling stone in bed – tossing and turning – gathering no moss.
But getting back to the point of this blog, you will thank me later after you read this post. I am definitely doing a public service announcement here for the betterment of all mankind, and particularly those menopausal women and men who can’t sleep a full night’s sleep.
Our mattress was aged, and we were starting to think of replacing it. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. I wasn’t sleeping very well, and though I know it is common at my age to have some sort of sleep disturbance, I couldn’t help thinking if a better mattress would do the trick.
The only confusing part was trying to figure out what kind of mattress to get, what kind of investment to put into it and whether we would get one of those dial-a-beds where one side is soft, for me, and one side is firm for my husband.
In an unintentional¬†GENIUS¬†move on my part, I was at Target and I saw these extra thick memory foam tops for beds. I got it thinking I would use it for my bed in our condo rather than replacing that one, but my husband was skeptical and wanted to try it out before we schlepped it to the condo in Margate. He doesn’t go for any of those egg carton type foam toppers we had tried in the past and he was sure this was just a waste of money.
So we unwrapped it and put it on our bed in Houston to try out.
It is now NEVER coming off.
The best way I can describe this two inch thick slab of memory foam is that once wrapped inside a cozy sheet, on top of our worn-out mattress, it feels like we are sleeping in a fluffy cloud. That first night my husband and I slept like ROCKS all the way through the night and we woke up refreshed and and immediately expressed our undying love. (for the Memory Foam of course)
The next night, I couldn’t wait to get back into the bed so I went to bed 30 minutes early, signing off with my husband that I was going down early because I was excited to be climbing into our cloud. He understood.
Weeks later and my husband and I have never slept better.
That crazy stuff nestles your body like a womb, I swear.
So of course we bought two more, one for our Margate bed and one for the pull-out bed there.
This is a gift that EVERYONE must buy for themselves. My husband prefers firm, so he has a board under the mattress on his side, but doesn’t mind the utter softness of our current bed-cloud.
Head straight to Target and buy the non-egg-carton flat 2 inch memory foam. It isn’t cheap but it is totally worth it.
Haven’t had a hint of insomnia since I’ve laid it on my bed.
You can thank me later, or in the comments below after you try it! And now I have to run. I have a hot date with my cloud.


  • Okay, Arlene. My husband just ran off to Target to buy this 2″ memory foam. Anything is worth a try!! I have another trick for women who have trouble sleeping due to hot flashes. I use something called Cool Downz to help me fall back to sleep. My husband calls it the “cold snake”. It looks like a neck tie…you soak it in water for 15 minutes and it inflates due to a cooling gel inside of it and stays cool for hours. If I wake up, I wrap it around my neck and fall back to sleep quickly. It’s also good for pain relief, gardening, sports, construction, etc. I can’t wait to try the memory foam in addition to my “cold snake”.

  • Someone slipped me real coffee at lunch yesterday, I am sure of it. I asked for decaf but that drink was far too delicious to be unleaded. When I awoke at 12 midnight from my hour’s sleep I was hopelessly awake. I glanced at my phone on the night table, “don’t pick up that device or you will be sorry!” Of course, I didn’t listen. Funny that I should come upon your latest blog about insomnia at 1:30 am. I will try the memory foam. And, no more mid-day coffee drinks for me unless the server can sign an affadavit that it’s caffeine free.

  • She’s 100% correct! This 2″ thick memory foam on top of our bed feels like the $14,000 Tempur-pedic mattress I’ve laid on in mattress stores. Can’t believe it but it is true. Never was more comfortable and I do keep a 3/4″ plywood board between the mattress and box spring because I like the bed firm.

  • my Evil Poodle is the main cause of my restless nights..that and hot flashes of course. He whines if he doesn’t get to snuggle, but when he does, he’s trouble. Actually, I love having an animal in bed..truth be told.!:) But in the morning, he goes beserk, always trying to make a new hole in the comforter and trying to rip out the stuffing, oft times successfully. We’ve had three comforters since we got the dog. my husband calls them “$200.00 chew toys”

    • Just wait Karen the insomnia gets much much worse. The poodle will be the least of your problems. Ours is too old to be that high up so he assumes his position nearby.

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