How to Get Away With Murder

It’s easy. Follow the simple steps as displayed by Casey Anthony.

Lie, then lie some more, then create huge crazy lies, and then bat your pretty blue eyes and grow your hair long. Oh yeah, and cry a bunch. (even though you were laughing and partying after your daughter actually died.)

Casey Anthony is obviously a mentally ill woman. She appears to be a sociopath, who has no conscience.

Even if I believed that she “maybe” did not kill her daughter – (yeah, right, I am not nearly as dumb as those Florida jurors) she certainly was in a partying state of mind immediately after the death of her little daughter. Who acts like that after an “Accidental Death?” (and if you believe that one, I have some swamp land to sell you)

Casey Anthony’s slicko defense attorney, ¬†proves that if the case is high enough profile and you pay enough for one of these kinds of lawyers that give the profession a bad name, you can get away with murder. It’s the old smoke and mirrors defense. Simply create¬†an elaborate set of lies that are so ridiculous that they confuse the average jury which is likely made up of people of average to below average intelligence.

I know about juries. I served on a three or four day trial one time and I was actually the jury foreman. There were complete idiots on our jury. They didn’t listen to the evidence, or review the evidence. They went with their hearts, not their minds. It resulted in a hung jury, which cost the taxpayers plenty. The judge made a summary judgement which he was allowed to do – that matched mine and many others on the jury, and scolded those on the jury who could not get past their hearts. It was an excruciating experience.

You know why? You cannot reason with idiots. Logic and evidence escape them.

I have not felt this sense of outrage since OJ’s trial at how easy it is to sway a jury by distracting them with irrelevant lies.

Oh yeah, I forgot – it is reasonable doubt. They had doubt that a mother who duct taped her daughter’s mouth and then partied when she was free of her daughter wasn’t even guilty of negligent homicide!

Slap her on the wrist with time served for lying and send her on her sociopathic way.

Cindy Anthony should be tried for perjury with all the lying she did too. A complete dysfunctional, lying, sociopathic, nutbag family.

The most disturbing part of this is that way too many children get murdered by their parents. But the mom isn’t always white and pretty so it doesn’t attract media attention.

I am mad as hell and had to rant a bit. If I open one more newspaper or magazine and see Casey Anthony’s face, I think I will scream.

Ha, and I am a journalist who is supposed to report the news and stay impartial. Again, yeah, right.

As many are saying now, no justice for Caylee. Sometimes our justice system is way screwed up. (And I have a dear friend who is a defense attorney)


  • I think the worst thing about this is that the mother will have another opportunity to get pregnant and have another baby (which I think I heard in the news). It is my feeling that, as part of her judgment, she and her family, and any jurors who are so inclined, should NOT be allowed to make any money off this deal, or if they do, it should be donated 110% to a charity that protects unwanted/neglected children.

    I have always been pro-choice, as far back as I can remember. When I became pregnant, my brother asked me how I felt about abortion now and I told him then that I still held onto my pro-choice views…and that some people were not meant to take care of anyone as precious and fragile as a child. I don’t know how these jurors can sleep at night.

  • “You cannot reason with idiots..logic and evidence escapes them” might be one of the msot brilliant lines I’ve ever read. It should be on bumper stickers and t-shirts and it can be applied to life way beyond this sham of a trial. (The anagrammer in me removes the “t” and sees the “liar” in the trial) I haven’t read a single comment that supports the jury’s decision

  • I share your sentiments exactly! Unfortunately, Casey will probably get a book deal, money from interviews, etc. Disgusting!!

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