How To Stay a Young Girl at Age 60

YIKES! I turn 60 today, May 14th! How the heck did that happen? Am I old now?

Well actually I just found this out – check out link – that 60 is now considered middle age, not senior citizen. PHEW! If you read my blog a while ago, I was really worried about that senior citizen designation because I still feel like a kid.


Besides, I am joyous at every birthday no matter how old I get. As my Uncle Manny, of blessed memory used to say, celebrating another birthday is better than the alternative. If someone says “Why don’t you act your age?” it is a compliment rather than an insult. Never will I act my age!


There are so many of us now that are looking and feeling absolutely adorable into our sixties. What a great thing that is. Age is truly just a number. Or you are as young as you feel. You know how those sayings go.


While I in NO WAY look like a young girl, I feel that way in my heart most of the time. My feeling so young is definitely reflected in how others perceive me as well.


For example, when my husband and I went to book a party room for my big 6-0 bash, the booking person heard birthday party and looked at me and asked in all earnestness, “Is this your big fiftieth?”


“Um, no, my sixtieth,” I replied. The shock registered on her face.


Then in Yoga, where I wear these bra tops and cute little yoga shorts as I have gotten confidence in my yoga sculpted body, one of my pals there had a screaming out loud moment when after I told her I was inviting her to my big 60th  birthday party.


“No way!” she screamed. Um, yes way. She gathered people around us and inquired among them, “How old do you think she is? You will never guess!”


A week later, one of the instructors was in the changing room with lots of gals and me and she said she could not believe it when she got my birthday invitation.


“I thought when you told us you were having a birthday party, it was your 50th!– I was shocked to open up the invitation and see your age.”


So from these experiences alone, I should feel pretty good about turning this milestone age. While my days of young beauty are behind me, I plan to be a very cute Bubbie some day.


As an exercise to figure out why I feel so young and exude a younger look (IN PERSON people, not in photos – I usually look old and awful in photos)  I came up with a short list after reflecting on this a bit.



Oldies Music: (Including dancing to it) – I am passionate about the music of our youth and I listen to it all the time. It brings me back to those days of long ago and makes me feel ageless when I can sing along to every word. I love to dance to this music at every opportunity as well. Dancing for me is an expression of joy, and music brings me such happiness. In fact, my big shindig for the 60th is an old-fashioned sock hop type dance party!


Laughter: I have laugh lines of course, at my age, but I earned every one of them because I love to laugh. I am a natural laugher, an easy laugher, and funny people love how easily tickled I can be. I am like Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins. It doesn’t take much to tickle my funny bone, and I seek out funny people so I can keep laughing.  (I am a smiler too!)


Aloe: This is my one and only beauty secret ritual. I use lots of aloe on my face and body. It has healing properties and elasticizes the skin. I am really bad about sun exposure, especially in the summer, and I was really stupid as a teen with the tin foil album cover radiating sun onto my face. I don’t know why I don’t look like a prune – I guess I have good genetics, but again, my secret weapon is aloe.


Skirts and other adorable clothes: Wearing skirts right above the knee cap makes me feel girly and young. Fortunately, I have good genetics in the leg department as well and I keep my legs toned so I can wear skirts. If I have a preference in what I am wearing to any given event, a skirt and fun top will always be my first choice. I like dresses too, and in fact like anything cute that makes me feel like youthful. Read about my Lilly Pulitzer obsession, but darn they aren’t they cute? They define youthfulness with a 60’s retro vibe. Anything that harkens back to the 60’s is a good thing for me. (Note: bad Selfies ahead)

Lilly One

Lilly two


Yoga and other Fun Exercise: If you don’t like what you are doing in exercise, you won’t stick with it. At least that was always true in my case. I found a great yoga program – Bikram Yoga, that I like enough to attend with great regularity. This keeps me very toned and fit. In addition to that, I love to bike ride. Riding my bike is fun, because I listen to oldies music and just feel like a kid – so much so that half the time, I feel like saying “Whee” as I fly through the air, my hair whipping around me. Keep in mind that I am not doing hunched over sprints, but riding a cruiser upright at a decent but non-racing pace. Again, if it is fun, you’ll do it as much as you can.  Having a regular exercise routine keeps you young AND fit.


Enthusiasm and Exuberance: I can’t say enough about how much I bubble over with enthusiasm at the slightest thing. People who know me well kind of laugh about this. You know how young children get so excited about things? That is me, but staying that way keeps me young, I am convinced!


Sleep: I have read countless articles about the importance of getting enough sleep. With insomnia a big problem in middle years, this is not easy to achieve. Still, I think throughout most of my adult life, I tried to live a balance of an active lifestyle and a decent night’s rest. Lack of sleep can turn you old fast!


Reminiscing: My memory is sharp as a tack, and I exercise it plenty with lots of reminiscing. (Reminisson – a play on my maiden name and what I love to do – thanks HG) It makes me go back in time and that helps me feel young. Because really, it couldn’t be that long ago, could it?


So there you have it. My secrets to eternal youth. I aim to be the most energetic, spirited, fun person in the 60’s era as possible. Who’s with me?




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  • I think most of us at this age feel much younger than we are. But no one mistakes me for a kid. I haven’t taken as good care of my skin as I should have, I think.
    Though I do yoga, I definitely don’t look the way I did when I was young anymore in that way either.
    But your uncle was right. Getting older sure beats the alternative!

  • I forgot to say that dressing youthfully is certainly an excellent way to throw people off when it comes to your age. And, it’s so much fun!!

  • Bonnie Lassin Grant

    I loved your article and could very much relate to it, Arlene!! I hit the big one a year ago, but I believe that your state of mind keeps you young. I am going to use your expression, “cute Bubbie”, because I recently became one, and still feel YOUNG!!

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