How You Know You Live in a Neighborly Neighborhood

1. Your neighbors/friends know you coming from the car you drive and stop what they are doing to wave and say hi. Now granted I drive a bright royal blue mini SUV that sticks out wherever it is, but this happens all the time in my neighborhood.

2. You can’t go to the supermarket without makeup on. When I need to grab something quick, I head to the supermarket just 3 blocks from my home. It is absolutely impossible to go there and walk out without seeing someone you know, so it is now my policy to at least wear lipstick and sunglasses to spruce up before I go. The reason is due to the one time I ran in for a quick something (which turned out NOT to be quick after seeing multiple neighbors/friends) and I was un-made up with no lipstick. Each of the neighbors asked if I was sick, or feeling ok. I was fine by the way, just decidedly unglamorous that day.

3. You can’t take your dog for a quick walk. Not that my aging dog wants to walk at length, but it’s never quick because you bump into your wonderful neighbors/friends and converse. And you are always happy to be delayed to see familiar faces.

4. You know your mail delivery person by name.

5. You can actually borrow a cup of sugar if you need it. Or anything else. Such as a Challah bread for a holiday! Or a ride to somewhere, such as Hockey! And neighbors considerately tuck your newspaper away by your front door when you are away or late to get it.

6. You are sometimes invited to impromptu dinners, and get-togethers. What a great feeling it is to be able to walk to a night out!

7. You immediately have to get the scoop on the newbies if someone new moves in. That is because you are protective of keeping the loving vibes going.

8. You can’t imagine living anywhere else. Some of my friends who lived in other parts of Houston are now selling their homes in various neighborhoods for the high rise life in downtown Houston. Not us and not most of the people we know living around us. ¬†We’ll stay put, thank you.

9. You think that your next move will be to the old age home. See Number 7 for further explanation.


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