Husband Follies Episode 9

My engineering, techie type husband – who is so opposite of me and my personality type, and I HOPE you read my funny Huff Post blog on this issue- occasionally amuses me with his engineering side gone wrong.

This is a short blog, and it will serve to promote a great product for engineering types like my husband – you know the kind who wear pocket protectors, or keep things in their shirt pockets? At any rate, I hope they grant me some royalties if they sell a bunch thanks to me.

There’s a product that appeared on my husband’s very favorite television show, Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs sell their next great idea or product to investing sharks. This product is ReaderRest Eyeglass Holders and my husband happened to see the episode after his reading glasses fell off the top of his head while bending over and landed next to a car that pulled out and smashed them to smithereens.

This product was the answer to losing or damaging, or even misplacing another pair of glasses. It’s little magnet stays securely on your shirt and keeps your glasses folded, and it fits so snugly that glasses wouldn’t fall out even if you did the hurky jerky or Watusi, let alone merely bend over. No more lost glasses either from not remembering where you put them. (My Huff Post blog about short term memory being dead and gone is also a must read.)

Ever since he ordered and received these little babies, my husband has been sporting his glasses on his shirt in one of these gizmos. It’s a very cute look for an engineering nerdy type.

With his short term memory being about as bad as mine, it was just a matter of time before he misplaced his magic eyeglass holder, instead of his actual glasses. We had returned from a friend’s country home and he thought he left it there.

He checked every shirt in his closet. It wasn’t there.

The other day, while having to wear his fleece while outdoors, and not having his glasses gizmo, my husband put his glasses over the zipper pull part of the fleece. Sure enough, when he bent over, the glasses went flying over concrete causing them to scratch. After cursing a bit, he discovered his gizmo, right there on THE SAME fleece he was wearing, where he had left it since our trip to the country.

Stay tuned for many more episodes of Husband Follies.




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