Husband Follies Number 14th – What Day is It?

My husband Gary is such a funny guy that I just love teasing him with these Husband Follies blogs, soon to be featured in a book. I know you enjoy laughing with me at the hilarious things Gary says and does because you let me know in comments and mail.

This episode is called What Day is It? My husband goes along his merry way in life and up until recently did not wear a watch and he is not bound to a lot of calendar dates either. Sure he likes to keep track of family birthdays and events, but it was easy to lose track of time during the pandemic period.

He had told me never to expect him to remember things like how many years we are married, because he does not track things like that. (He explained his brain does not work that way – not a purposeful thing but just a brain thing.)

But don’t worry – I made it super easy for him by marrying him in the year 2000. All he has to know is the current year to know how many years we are married! 21 years at this point since it is 2021. In that 21 years I have had plenty of Husband Follies material to write about it. Remind me to tell you about the ping pong balls in our garage someday. He is a riot!

Getting back to this blog, Gary and I had settled into bed at the end of a long day, and were relaxing together watching music videos and catching up on social media and text messages in bed. Gary came upon an adorable video that my adored granddaughter Leona made for me, and that Vanessa, her wonderful mommy had produced and sent to me that day. It was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBIE message with kisses. Vanessa got confused on the date and sent it two days early by mistake, but no matter, it was very much appreciated and I told her so. She showed me that she even had my actual date posted on her fridge, but life gets busy and crazy and I understand that. Besides, I had it to enjoy for days before my actual day and watched it over and over leading up to and on my actual birthday so it was a bonus that way.

Gary watched this adorable video, without seeing the exchange between Vanessa and I about the wrong date, and he then looked at me with woeful eyes and an apologetic demeanor. He said, and I quote, “Wait! Is today your birthday?!!!!! Did I miss it?” He was horrified that he had forgotten it and here it was 10 pm and the day was over.

I studied his face and burst out laughing. I assured him that he still had two days to go until my May 14th birthday. He said, “Phew, I am glad I got a reminder!” The next day, he snuck out (in front of me) to get me cards and goodies at the local pharmacy, and tiptoed to his walk in closet to stash the goods until the next day. (No, I did not peek in advance.) It is possible that without Vanessa’s early video, he could have forgotten my birthday but he did not. A good thing too because I am both a birthday baby and a birthday diva – my entire family knows this and they put up with my obnoxiousness one day a year. (or like my dear friend Sandi who celebrates for a month, my birthday usually starts early and goes on beyond the actual day thanks to my wonderful friends and family.)

I have to say though, Gary’s cards were beautiful, if purchased on the fly on an inadvertent reminder, and Gary’s loving messages inside always let me know how loved and appreciated I am by him. Most of them start with, “How did I get so lucky,” as pictured here.

As you can see, I too am lucky, even if he is ripe fodder for my Husband Follies blogging, because I find him precious and adorable, even if he is a bit absent minded.

Let me hear from you!

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  • I love this! I stumbled across your blog when searching “Help, I’m married to an engineer”. I’m hoping this blog can help me to take life a little less serious and just enjoy our differences instead of being so frustrated all the time. Yes I am the creative type (right brain), my husband an engineer, into science, math, etc. (left brain). Sigh! Thanks for the laugh.

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