I Feel Like a Social Media Superstar After My Birthday

Wow. I am “almost” speechless, and knowing me and the way I spill on just about EVERYTHING in life, that is really noteworthy. Luckily I said “almost” because here I am once again blabbing away.

So it was just my birthday – a big birthday at that. (Read previous blog on that.) I tried to work on my birthday so I could take off the next day – on the day of my party. I got so many notifications via my various email accounts, and Facebook, and calls and texts, that it made it almost impossible to work. I mean I was up to about 400 Facebook posts alone, not to mention the texts, calls and emails. And the responses to and on my blog – record numbers. WOWSERS. Awed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of people to acknowledge me on a big birthday.

Midway through the day, I got this message from Facebook:

Happy Birthday, Arlene!
  • Brett Riesenfeld, Gary R. Lassin and 345 others wished you a happy birthday.


The attention made me feel so special, and had me feeling like a social media superstar, and my Klout score went way up! (Like I really pay attention to that!)

I got this poem from a friend that really touched me:

“Birthday poem, written by me and sent to you, across a few thousand miles so you could view. A flower has the power to beautify the earth, just as you’ve been doing since the moment of your birth. Happy birthday and all the best.”

Another old, old friend told me that like fine wine, I just keep getting better with age. (awwww)

Got a couple of songs tailored especially for me.

I got birthday emails from my dentist, from my car dealership, from my car salesman, from my synagogue, and several other vendors -the list goes on and on.

All of the sweet wishes and acknowledgements were so appreciated, even the few brief ones like HB2U. (Can you spare a letter peeps who use that?)

What really blew my mind was when I went to my home page and there was Google, but forming the Google letters were a row of BIRTHDAY CAKES. So I clicked it, and up my name came, with my bio and various pages. How cool is that? This is what it looked like – I copied and pasted it here:



Thank you Google, Thank you Facebook, Thank you iPhone Texts and emails. I am embracing technology and find I am loving it. What a spectacular way to be acknowledged on my special day! Stay tuned for details on the party of the century! (Not really, but it was a thrill for me.)


  • love how you’re so open about the number. I don’t understand women who hide their age. If I looked that good at 60, I’d be sharing the number too. Hell, I’ll tell it even if I look like I do now!

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I celebrate them too, each and every one. I just had my 54th and trust me, come November, when someone asks me my age, I will reply 54-1/2! I love doing that because as kids, we were so excited to get to that next year and I don’t ever want to lose that. My grandkids think it’s hilarious when I say that. So Happy Belated Birthday and my wishes for many, many more.

    P.S. – What Aloe product exactly do you use? You mentioned it in your last blog. Just natural Aloe or something packaged?

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