Idol is a Mere Popularity Contest, Not a Singing Contest

I admit, I am burned up. One of my very favorites on this season was given the boot tonight.

I read a lot of blogs, reviews, summaries on Idol as I am a big fan. But I never vote. So I can blame me.

Although from all the analysts weighing in on these important Idol matters, I am not the demographic that votes.

It’s the teenyboppers. And that is why these same media analysts say that a girl will never win again. ¬†And why they say this is more of a popularity contest.

I will put it out there right now – Scotty – this year’s teen dream, is a lock to win the season. Not because he is the best. Because he is the favorite of the voting demographic. It’s all about numbers really.

I have no doubt Pia will get a record deal. She reminded me of Carrie Underwood, who I had predicted would win her season. Great voice, low on the performer. Look at Underwood now – all her personality is out on display. Idol is a bit intimidating, don’t you think. Pia admitted she was scared to death every week. She is a regular girl -not yet a performer – with a great set of pipes. You go, Pia.

In the meantime, if you look back on seasons immediately past, the guy heartthrob of the teenies won every time. Not a girl winning since, well since Jordan Sparks? Or Carrie Underwood.

There are only two girls left. They will be gone soon too. Then the guys will have to fight it out among those girl voters, but we already know who will win.

Much of the criticism about Idol in recent years is that it is not so much a talent show, but a popularity contest. And that it is.

So I blame myself, and all the women like me who adored Pia but did not vote.

I blame the judges too. What happens on a year where there is no Simon to bring everyone back to some real criticism is that it becomes even more about who is popular, not the most talented. Simon at least tried to steer us that way.

I also blame Gwen Stefani. She styled the girls and they all looked like her – that tacky, hair bump-it, over-lipsticked, silly clothing look. Pia did not look like lovely Pia – she looked like a brunette Gwen Stefani. (So did Lauren) YUK. The few men that vote on the hot girls, did not vote for Pia after seeing her in that ridiculous romper, harsh hair, and super red lips. The soft lips, hair and sequins work much better for her.

So there you have it. We can continue to watch knowing that all the analysts are right, and that our favorites won’t win. Or we can find something else to do and download our favorites’s tunes.


  • I haven’t watched the last one or two so I am really upset that Pia is out. What is the meaning of the word “Idol” then? What happened to the “total package” concept? I am so guilty of tivo-ing and watching later which means I didn’t vote either. Slap me please. I will probably never watch it again.

  • You said it Arlene. I am so pissed! The clothes, horrible. The kids still standing not as talentedas Pia. I wan. To start a facebook group Pia Was Robbed!!!

  • I predict it will come down to Casey and James for the winner and runner up but I do not have a prediction of who will be in which of those final positions. Scotty will get close and get a huge record deal. We’ll go see him at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show next year. It will be our first time seeing a country and western performer.

    • exacly my prediction also but I think it more a poularity contest not a talent contest. I also thought Pia would be in the top 3 or 4 and I am a former music producer from Indiana. Steveinsalem OR

  • Karen, yes Jacob is talented with a beautiful voice, I just can’t watch him! What was with his sweater last night?? Not familiar with Survivor or Richard Hatch, so can’t get the analogy.

  • one more thing…voting is now more like “Survivor” than AI. Except there’s an unspoken alliance among teenyboppers rather than a dominating tribe. Women will be eliminated one by one(wouldn’t be surprised to see the improving Haley go next) The teen votes have become your collective Richard Hatch, and like Hatch, they will change the show’s concept permanently.

  • I thought Pia was a shoo in about the same time you said that Casey was going to take it all. You’re right, the last female win was Jordin, who isn’t nearly as strong as some of the women that followed. A white guy WILL win again, and in every season that follows. I’m looking so forward to “The Voice” where judges pick the winners sight unseen, based solely on voice. Face it, how early would Susan Boyle, even a younger version of herself, gotten eliminated from AI?

    Having said that, you must admit that this is probably the best group of contestants they’ve had in AI history. Even the mediocre picks from are better than any previous seasons’ undeserveds.

    I can’t see James not winning. I predict the final three will be Scotty, then Lauren, and then James taking it all.

    But truly, there isn’t one candidate that I’d say “needs to go.” Jacob is so talented!!

  • Arlene, I agree with most of what you said, especially the outfits last night – yuk, is right!
    I was wondering why Pia was dressed like a clown. Pia just wasn’t doing anything for my husband and me. I must disagree about Scotty though, I’m in your demographic and I love him and so do quite a few of my friends! The teenybopper girls do like other girls – look at Taylor Swift, she has over 5 million Twitter followers, most of them girls and they texted their little thumbs off to make her “Entertainer of the Year” on the country music awards on Sunday night. She is definitely a cute little thing, but not entertainer of the year! All the contestants this year can sing and it’s going to be hard saying goodbye (except Jacob, he needs to go!!).

    • I think Scotty is great – he is actually one of my several faves but truly, it has been a men’s winning show for several seasons and I can see why. I never vote for my favorites. I was looking forward to seeing Pia grow in stage presence and personality as she got her confidence up. Scotty is already there, understood!

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