If You Believe in Happily Ever After, Why Are You Watching Reality TV?

That is the question I ask myself all the time.

At this point I have had enough seaplanes, exotic locales, true confessions over wine, and hunky bachelors to last me for a long time.

No silly, not in my real life. In my fantasy life via Reality TV. Specifically The Bachelorette. Some question my intelligence for watching this garbage, but I enjoy the sheer cheesiness of it. Besides, where else could I armchair psychoanalyze people for kicks?

Ashley, the most emotionally needy and dare I say damagedĀ bacheloretteĀ to come along in a while, had her happily ever after when she chose JP and he chose her back with a 4 carat Neil Lane engagement ring.

That is if you believe Reality TV can ever produce a happily ever after.

Already bets are starting on how long it will last.

They do seem to compliment each other well – they make a very cute couple and you can see the chemistry between them. He negates her insecurity and neediness by adoring her absolutely.

Sure I wish them well, but I know better after umpteen seasons of the Bachelor franchise. Will they end up like the one couple, Trista and Ryan – the only couple? You can’ t count Jason and Molly because she wasn’t picked, at first that is.

I hope Ashley finishes Dental School so she has a backup plan. I hope to see JP on a cheesecake Fireman Poster or Calendar someday soon – The Men in Construction – just JP and a hardhat.




  • I totally agree with the following about the show and the people on it:
    fantasy, question intelligence, garbage, emotionally needy, damaged and insecure. I could add to this list, as anyone could who’s seen the show for 10-minutes.
    If you want to spend a better hour armchair psychoanalyzing people for kicks, go to the local coffee shop, mall, strip center, or a hundred other places and people watch. Much higher value time spent.
    Just to be clear, this is just my two cents.

  • watched it four five minutes last night. Can see how it could be addictive

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