Ingenious Recipe for PANCAKE DAY!

It’s Pancake Day and Here’s A Healthy Way to Eat Them

It’s Pancake Day!! First of all, I can’t believe there is such a thing to begin with, but then again, why not? I am sure IHOP is loving it.
Since I have a sweet tooth a mile long, and I now see that I have gotten it from my Dad, who absolutely insists on sweets and desserts every day, (and thankfully my kids didn’t inherit this trait) I just adore pancakes.
Not just any old pancake of course. I want the kind smothered with real maple syrup.
In fact, we have found a place in Houston, far superior to IHOP for pancakes. It is called Buffalo Grille, and they make these humongous fruity pancakes. They serve them with warmed real maple syrup. (Not that fake stuff with corn syrup that they pass off for syrup these days but don’t get my husband started on the whole corn syrup thing because he is the Corn Syrup Enforcer these days in not allowing anything with the stuff to touch his lips.)
Getting back to my favorite pancake – here’s a photo of these delicious babies – I always order the banana one.
So speaking of banana pancakes, I found this recipe online that is the most brilliant, low calorie pancake invention. You know those “This is amazing, watch what they do with…..” videos circulating on Facebook and other media?
I skip 90% of these things, I mean really who has time? Facebook is strictly for posting my blogs and being a serial liker for me. (Ok and occasional stalking.)
Yet, for some reason I watched this particular video, which due to this blog, you will not be forced to watch. It is simply someone mashing a whole ripe banana and two well beaten eggs together. When completed, you form pancakes and cook with coconut oil.
They make sweet, tasty pancakes that are gluten free, and carb free except for the carbs in the banana – which is a healthy carb loaded with potassium and other nutrients. The coconut oil sweetens them up even more and if you don’t mind the taste of coconut oil (which I don’t – I love coconut in any form) you can eat these pancakes without needing ANY syrup. They are that sweet and tasty. Eggs and bananas! How ingenious! Skip the flour – you don’t even need it for delicious, sweet pancakes.
Oh and by the way, it’s now come out that eggs are GOOD for you and not worrisome if you eat a good portion of them. Check that out on the internet if you don’t believe me. You could do this with egg-beaters or a like product through.
I must admit, that it’s been Pancake Day all week at my house since I discovered this new breakfast treat. If you try this and like it, let me hear from you!


  • I had pancakes for dinner tonight and then later read it was National Pancake Day. I never knew. Then I read your blog and can’t believe you can make a pancake without flour or a pancake mix. I’ll have to try this and come back and let you know what I think. Thanks!

  • I could take or leave pancakes, and now you have me wanting to take them. Not banana ‘though..that’s a fruit that disagrees with me more than a right winger who wants Ted Cruz to be the next president!

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