Is It Male Menopause?

Sometimes my wonderful, good natured husband wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

He doesn’t just stay cranky until he’s had his coffee though, he stays grouchy all day long.

Which makes me think that maybe he is going through Male Menopause. They say it is a medical fact that men and their hormonal changes cause a situation similar to female menopause. This can cause behavioral changes.

Or is it a case of grumpy old men?

He’s not really old, so I am going with the whole Male Menopause thing.

For example, I was invited to a press freebie to the Houston Auto Show. My husband, who loves cars, or at least used to, should have been excited about the event. We were invited by Chevy and were first treated to a delicious brunch.

That was the start of the grumpiness. My husband read the word BRUNCH, and in his mind, that meant that he should not eat breakfast, because he would eat it then. Keep in mind that the brunch was called for 12:30, with food served around 1 pm.

The menu was pre-set with various LUNCH selections.

“This isn’t brunch, this is LUNCH,” my husband uncharacteristically and very ungraciously muttered.

And then he ordered an Angus Beef Burger and fries, one of the choices. I ordered a delicious Lobster Roll. We had that and Mimosas and Creme Brulee for dessert.  Between the appetizers, muffins, and salad to start off the meal, of course we ate until we were stuffed silly.

My husband turned to me and said, “Let’s go home now.”

I had committed to going to the auto show and test drive a vehicle. For doing that, I will receive an Electric car, the Chevy Volt, to use for a week.

So I dragged my very stuffed, but unhappy husband, his belly full of lunch instead of breakfast, to the car show where he complained about the parking, (The fee was reimbursed for us), he complained of the look of the show, the cars in the show, and just about everything else going on during the day.

When we got in line for a test drive, he decided to be a passenger – instead of test-driving his own vehicle.

Not even the fancy Aston Martins or Maseratis had him any less dour. He didn’t even want to sit in a Jaguar – my personal favorite.  In other words, he was acting like a big pouty baby the entire day.

When we signed up for a Ford test drive and a $50 cash incentive for doing so, he complained about not allowing two people in the household to register. He told me I had to give him half of my $50.

Then a quick conversation with a friend by cell phone turned into an angry lecture by him for something I said.

When I warned him that I would be blogging about his crankiness, at least he chuckled and didn’t lose his sense of humor. He posted this as his Facebook status, and his friend Jim wrote back that if my husband won the lottery he would probably b**tch about having to drive to Austin to cash it in.

Which I thought was hilarious. Until I thought some more and wondered where my sweet, good-natured husband went? Most days that sweetie-pie is still around, though some days he is long gone.

And they say women are hormonal.


  • I am happy to be able to make such great contributions to my talented wife’s writing career. Grumpiness over. Just got done making organic whole wheat pancakes for breakfast with custom ordered banana pancakes for Arlene. Nuf said?

  • Bonnie, they didn’t have one to test drive, but promised me a February or March loaner for a week. I am excited, and can’t wait to try it out!

  • I know I should be commiserating with you about the grumpy husband but… you get to drive a Chevy Volt for a week? Wow! So, what’s the car like???

  • I kind of have to side with him over that whole ambiguous brunch thing. It reminds me of being invited to formal affairs, and dinner starts at 3:00, and you can’t believe the bride and groom had the sheer gall not to consult you about the timing. But for a man not to be interested in CARS? I’d consult a professional

  • You get to test drive a car for a full week-how cool.
    I’ve never seen your husband grumpy!!! Hard to believe he’s ever in a bad mood!!

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