Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

If you are in my age realm, you will remember an ancient television and radio commercial spot that advertised for the Yellow Pages.

For dinosaurs like me, Yellow Pages was a book promoting and advertising businesses before the age of the Internet, where people actually dragged out a 200 pound thing consisting of thousands of pages to find a business referral. If you needed a plumber, you looked up Plumbing and so on. If you needed to call the dress shop nearby, you hauled out this monstrous book to find the number.

The catchy little ditty associated with the above book went something like, “Let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages!” and showed a woman with a nice red pointy-nailed manicure using her fingers to walk into the depths of this great yellow book.

I thought of this recently because my time has been at a severe premium. So much so, that I haven’t been blogging as I have in the past.

I don’t know what’s kept me so busy other than full time work, moving, building a home from scratch, and planning a big shindig wedding. Sheesh. It’s lucky I have time to sleep.

The one thing that my super busy schedule hasn’t allowed much of lately, is shopping.

So recently, I have been letting my fingers do the walking through the Internet. When I need something, I go to Amazon and if I don’t find it there, I do quick googling to find what I need. I still price compare, and look for the bargains – I haven’t changed my “Never Pay Retail” mantra. Yet, this is a new behavior for me. If it keeps up, I will have to get Amazon Prime, but I am still resisting.

The only thing really peculiar about the above is that I have been ordering things like shoes and dresses online. I usually like to see something in person, try it on, touch it, debate, prance around in front of a mirror, etc, before I commit to a purchase. But not now.

I needed some new dresses for a few formals and upcoming events and did not have the time to shop. Anyone can surf the Internet at 11 pm though.

I found this great online retailer that sells things at half price and even below that with free shipping— all brand name designers. If you go to their actual store, it is hit or miss whether they will have these great bargains in my size, but online, they have my size every time. I went to their clearance section this time, because I wanted half off of half off of half of their original retail. You can figure out the savings on an $800 dress – where one would pay $200- but I got well below that! I recently ordered and then wore this skirt to a wedding and it made a splash, and is actually much more substantial, and prettier in person than this Internet photo that I ordered it from – which was a delightful surprise. (First is the photo I ordered it from, and then of me wearing the actual skirt.)

My new skirt

Tulle skirt

For the formal gowns I needed, since the Golden Globes, I have really been on the hunt for an asymmetrical formal like the one Brie Larson rocked. (see photo below) I found TWO of this quirky style, not exactly like hers of course, but along those lines and so I bought both. (For upcoming weddings of friends.)


The two Vera Wang formals and a Tahari dressy dress (that I have to figure out where to wear that but I could not resist) were purchased for a paltry sum. (No one would believe the total for the three even if I divulged.) When I googled these items, their retail value popped up and I was even more impressed with the deep discount I was getting. (Just google the designer and name of the dress style to compare – it’s easy.)

The only drawback was that I did not know how they would fit. Some designers run snug.

Fortunately, my gamble paid off and they all fit like a glove. One is blue with a Brie Larson type cut-out as above, and the other is red asymmetrical with two different straps on the top – one side with embellishment and one side with a spaghetti strap. It cinches so beautifully at one side’s waist too, just like Brie’s gown.


Now, I have to find room for still more clothing items. As it is, I gave away 1/3 of my closet from the old homestead, and with the remainders I am taking up three closets in the rental home. There isn’t a whole lot of space for any more clothes.

I admit I am a clothes horse with a passion for fashion, and I am always searching for things that are a bit different – not something you can go to a chain store and just purchase. (I have never walked into an affair with someone having the same dress on.)

It was always quite the hunt- particularly because I wanted a bargain too. Now that I am feeling more comfy with letting my fingers do the walking, I may never have to graze a store again looking for that perfect item. Is it too late to have the architect make my new home’s closet bigger?


  • I hardly go to stores at all anymore because it’s too tempting when I walk into a store I see too many things that I want it so much easier and more convenient for me to have something sent to my home and for me to try you don’t have money or not they’re lighting and their mirror….. I need to get online coupons but of course I’m not a small woman and a lot of the times I’m paying full price…..
    when you know what size you are and you get familiar with certain manufacturers and designers… it could be a plus…. I don’t remember the last time I went shopping with one of my girlfriends…..

    • I am doing this more and more – I even bought sunglasses online not knowing how they would look on my face – when they arrived, they were perfect! There are so many advantages to this! Thanks for reading and writing in!! xxoo

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