Life Lessons, Year by Year

If you have heard of or read the book “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” by Robert Fulghum I would submit that just based on the title I vehemently disagree.

When I look back at my life, and my many sharp memories (you have heard many times about my uncanny long term memory) I think I learned something – make that multiple things- that were very major and monumental every single year.

And even though Fulghum was speaking of core values, I think I had to age to appreciate my life’s lessons and even the values I currently hold dear.

So while my lessons outlined here are heavily slanted toward the social, there are some lessons thrown in about heartbreak, love, and earning a living. (By the way, feel free to leave some of yours in comments – I would LOVE to hear them)

Here is a very brief summary of just some of the life lessons I learned and the ages I learned them

Age 4 – I learned I was a very social being. ( now I can swear I remember this scene that my parents have told me about time and time again.) I would stand on our patio and wave to people passing by with a “Hi Man, Hi Lady.”

Age 5 – School was the most fun place imaginable – all these new friends to be had!

Age 6 – If you are smart, don’t show it. I was yanked out of my grade and promoted to the second grade with a stern new teacher.

Age 7 – Boys have cooties – literally- and gross remnants end up on your desk.

Age 8 – Teaching is the best profession – because I had a great role model.

Age 9 – Shockingly, the boy who sits next to me and teases me unmercifully actually has a crush on me. (via his mom to my mom)

Age 10 – It is probably not wise to advertise a crush on a well-liked boy.

Age 11 – Even if your chest is still absolutely concave, in Jr. High it is absolutely mandatory to wear a training bra so bra straps can be snapped to prove it.

Age 12 – Braces tear the soft tissue in the mouth to shreds. (circa 1967)

Age 13 – There are populars and not populars and they don’t mix.

Age 14 – High school is frightening at first, and then the best thing to ever happen.

Age 15 – Going steady and puppy love – and thinking it was the REAL thing.

Age 16 – If you are smart, don’t show it, so people won’t think you’re a nerd.

Age 17 – Going to college is for social reasons and partying.

Age 18 – Buckling down and studying in college is necessary.

Age 19 – Getting drunk has horrible repercussions at the toilet bowl.

Age 20 – The Marx Brothers are FUNNY!

Age 21 – I was destined to live in Florida after a visit there.

Age 22 – Most baseball players are cheaters.

Age 24 – I was destined to live in California after a visit there.

Age 25 – Working promotions for a baseball team that wins the World Series will beat any other job ever!

Age 26 – I was destined to live in Houston after a visit there.

Age 29 – I could never imagine love so strong that my heart felt it would burst -as I first held my baby son.

Age 31 – My heart has unlimited capacity for unconditional love and more bursting as I first hold my newborn daughter.

Age 33 – People will actually PAY me to write!

Age 35 – My 15 minutes of rock star multi-media fame will be in Israel.

Age 38 – Blondes have more fun. (at least in my case)

Age 43 – Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal.

Age 44 – Dating in middle age is scary, awkward, humiliating, pathetic, and exhilarating all at the same time.

Age 45 – Marrying in middle age feels like I am 21 again.

Age 46 – The Internet is kind of cool.

Age 50 – Turning a half century old is not terrifying, but fun, when surrounded by fantastic family and friends.

Age 52 – Blogging is kind of cool.

Age 53 – Facebook is kind of cool.

Age 54 – Facebook is totally addicting.

Age 55 – That ultimate fantasy of owning a beach condo and one day becoming a sunbird is actually attainable!

There you have it. How many match yours? What is your short or long list?


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