Life on the Wedding Circuit

No, I am not a wedding singer, yet I am on the wedding circuit these days. I even travel to gigs. Miss a wedding? Miss the joy, the glamour, the dancing? No way.

For me it has been a couple of years of heaven with these delightful events. It is my extreme pleasure to attend.

Having been part of a very close community of people in Houston for all these years, my group of friends all have kids in the mid to late 20’s. Prime mating season at those ages.

We even had a wedding in our own family as my husband’s son Chad married the beautiful Vanessa. What an incredible experience that was.

Wedding 4

The blended kids all together with bride and groom Vanessa and Chad.

In my era, we got married much younger. Now I think it is best to wait a bit, mature, sow some wild oats, get settled in a career. My two children have followed that course well. They are in no hurry to marry. Which is a good thing. They are independent career people enjoying young life. There is lots of time. (This is me being mature and forgetting that I am a grandma-wanna-be)

It’s also good when our friends’ children decide it is their time and they are ready to be married. We have seen some beautiful pairings of people. It is always exciting to get that beautifully printed fat envelope in the mail.

I love the celebration too. If there is a dance floor, I am out there. If there is a Hora, I am front and center. The happiness is contagious at these weddings.

Of course, I love the idea of dressing up. A girl never gets tired of looking like she is going to the prom or is a princess for a day. Even someone as old as me.

At each one, I pick up a few tips and ideas on what I would like to see at my own children’s weddings when the time comes. I make a mental note or take a photo to remember.

Mostly it is such a personal joy to me to see a child I knew from way back when, grown up into a bride or groom.  I shake my head and think to myself, how is it possible that all of this time has gone by? Wasn’t so and so just a tiny child?

May they all live happily ever after!




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