Like Morrie, For Me Dancing is an Expression of Joy

If you read “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, like millions have, you will know that Morrie loved to dance, and even explained that dance is the expression of joy.

I have never danced professionally, but I have to agree with Morrie’s assessment. Nothing makes me feel more free, more happy, more youthful and full of energy than a good dance session. For me, it is definitely an expression of complete and utter joyfulness. Dancing is exercise, so part of what I am feeling might just be endorphins, much like runners get – you know the “high” that physical activity can bring. (which is explained as a release of “feel good” opioid chemicals in the brain)

As I explained in this past blog, my dogs dance for joy as well, so it is not just humans.

For a long time, I have had “Dancing with the Stars” envy. What I would not give to get those kind of intense dance lessons and dance like they do on that show. I even dragged my husband to various venues to try group dance lessons (because private lessons are just too expensive) and none of them took. My husband was simply not into it, and I did not like having to dance with strange men, most of whom had severe body odor and very sweaty hands, and who were even more clumsy than my husband. (Ouch, my poor foot!)

My opportunities for dance are few and far between most of the time. I resisted joining a Zumba class – for those uninformed, it is the new workout to Latin music – only because it was too hot and crowded with limited parking. I bought a Zumba tape which I will do occasionally, but not nearly enough as I should. Yeah, it is a great workout, and it combines dance with exercise, but it would be more fun with others and I refuse to do it in a packed-liked-sardines facility. I am still searching for a reasonably priced and convenient Zumba session.

I have the occasional wedding, or other charity function occasion with a deejay or band. I use those opportunities to dance till I drop.

I also have been to many of Houston Natural Science Museum’s Mixers and Elixirs. They have great bands there and I dance and dance till my feet and middle aged body wear out. They are awesome events!

And during those times, I am as joyful as I can possibly be. It makes me feel like a kid, and I dance with abandon.

The other night, I was privileged to attend a charity function for the Stehlin Foundation. (A GREAT cause, check it out)  The organizers flew out a band of ABBA impersonators to sing every song from the huge hit show, Mama Mia.

The dance floor was absolutely packed with joyful revelers dancing their hearts out to the infectious pop music of ABBA. The ages ranged from my age – to much older, to much younger.

As I surveyed the dance floor, I realized the power of music and dance to transform, energize, and change mood. I was among a bunch of very happy people and I could not have been happier myself.

So tell me the truth readers, do you ever, like I do, turn on some cheesy music that is good to dance to, like say Ricky Martin’s “Livin La Vida Loca” and dance around your house when no one is watching? Do you have “Dancing with the Stars” envy like me?

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  • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • Hi Arlene…. I saw your post via our mutual buddy, the ‘PR Fairy’… which intriguiged me to check your Blog. Fun P.O.V…. AND… I was also at the Stehlin Foundation Gala Sat night — was one of those out there Dancing to ABBA sounds. Perfect celebration to life! You’re so right about the JOY of dance! Keep enJOY’ing!

  • I don’t dance around the house, I sing. I sing very loudly to my old favorites- Carole King, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, pretty much anybody singer who is over 50 is my type of music. And, musicals, I love to sing to musicals. And, congrats on the new blog.

  • oh I didn’t know my remarks were public—oh well, the secret is out !

  • I think this blog is much easier to get to ! Gary is a genious ! I love dancing and yes I dance when no one is looking . For awhile Mike and I used to dance naked for practice andexercise !!!!

    Aren’t dogs the biggest joy? Unconditional love. Mia dances when she sees me and Barbara Maidenberg’s dog, Gigi, a mini- poodles dances when i come over. It’s as good as a hug from a friend.

  • Congrats on the new blog! YES; quite simply, we just must do it. Not even a question. That’s why you’ll see us over-50s belting out some rock ‘n roll, samba, and those gut-wrenching ballads. It’s as essential for the soul as water is for the bod! Keep dancing!!

  • welcome back! great to read another great story. i had no idea you loved to dance so much. enjoy everything!

    keep hope alive,

  • Oh how I love to dance.
    My first wife, rest her soul, and I took swing lessons for a year.
    What great fun it was.

    When the steps finally clicked, it was magical.
    I wrote a story about it here:

    We did what you did, with classes of others. We had to switch partners.
    It was a challenge, but to be a good dancer, you have to be able to dance
    with anyone.

    Just like life, you have to adjust your steps to the situation

    Michael Smith
    To sign up for my stories go to:
    To read more of my stories, go to
    Keep on waving

  • This is a beautiful site and wonderful blogs!!! Yeah for you! And a gorgeous pic!!! Get ready to dance for joy with us in less than 2 weeks! Love you!

  • I agree, love to dance!

  • dancing keeps us young!

  • I can so relate, even ‘though I don’t watch DWTS. Broadway music always does it for me..that or Motown. What’s that Leeanne Womack song? Given a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance? Even us plus-sized glas are feather-light on the dance floor. Anyone–any size..any age..can dance!

  • Dancing and exercise to music without a doubt makes me feel younger and more alive. And, Lady Gaga’s music has been a terrific way for me to get back into both.

    • I agree Andrea! I power dance to Lady Gaga all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Arlene….Thank you for posting the link to your blog on Facebook!! There is something very refreshing about reading what others, our age are thinking! I am never more elated than when a group of friends are together for a happy occasion, such as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah…..and we dance, dance,dance! I am a completely in agreement, in doing what makes you feel good. Even if I look foolish….oh well!! We laugh those days like crazy kids….and feel just as young!!

        • I could not agree more Fran! Thanks for commenting and visiting! Come back again!

          • Good luck Arlene. I always enjoy reading your blogs.
            I just saw Jersey Boys and was surprised to see a passive audience. I felt like getting up and dancing. One of the teachers at my school has a sign that says, If you can walk, you can dance and if you can talk, you can sing.

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