Love all the Great Low Fat Recipes on FB, Too Bad I Don’t Cook

A look at my Facebook news feed on any given day makes me very hungry. It’s not a good idea to view this Facebook feed if fasting or even dieting. Especially while dieting!

There are yummy recipes all over the place for roasted cauliflower, flour-less muffins and cookies, low cal mac and cheese made with cauliflower puree, dump cakes – all made with yellow cake mix, and other terrific looking stuff.

In fact, I often download the recipe and save it, and sometimes I even copy it or print it out. There are several sheets of these sitting in my cookbook shelf in the kitchen.

There’s only one problem. We don’t shop for major food anymore since it is just my husband and me now. Our shopping is reduced to a few necessary items and occasionally some food like soup or oatmeal.

And we don’t cook.

As admitted before, sometimes dinner is a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of cereal, a can of soup, a smoothie, or a handful of nuts and some popcorn.

I entertain for holidays and cook then, but it is usually holiday-specific food. Other than that,  I haven’t been entertaining a whole lot – this is from the former entertaining queen. I’ve become cooking lazy since the kids moved out.  I have even felt the need to entertain, and then order food in, such as my Chinese Food on Christmas extravaganza, or even a Shabbat dinner here and there.

So all of these great recipes that look delicious and may just be delicious will never get taste tested by me. Is anyone making them, or is everyone doing the same as me?

Perhaps I should hire a cook?

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  • they DO look amazing but I often wonder if they’re photo shopped. I remember working for Channel 17 in the late 70’s, and they were shooting a commercial for a local supermarket. A whole turkey was roasting all day, and the entire building smelled wonderful. But just before the shoot, the turkey was covered in GLUE to make it look better for the camera. (I forget the brand..that thick, brownish glue applied by a paint brush) It was all tossed into the trash! I’m glad so many people share wonderful recipies. Your eating habits make the best weight loss plan I’ve ever heard of. My friend Robin is very thin and eats more than I do..on weekends when we’re out! But her husband works late so her week night dinner is similar to yours..maybe a bowl of cereal.

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