Mad About Gray Hair

Yes, you read that title right. I love, love, love gray hair, especially if it is on a good looking person and is styled correctly. There is something so distinctive about it, and I am drawn to it like a magnet.

On everyone except me of course. With my looks and coloring, I could NOT pull it off. Don’t even think about it. Besides, I don’t have a single gray hair left on my head, it is stark white. The blonde blends in well.

I blame Richard Gere for my inclination towards gray hair. You see, I had a major “star crush” (as opposed to a real crush) on Richard Gere. If you look at this photo below from Pretty Woman, way back in 1990, (25 years ago???!!!) it was where I was first drawn to the actor AND the hair color. (see photo below – YUM!)

Richard Gere


In fact, I love to see men as they transition from their darker hair to gray. It looks so handsome, and virile, and distinguished to me. It’s a turn-on. In psychological terms, I would call this my Richard Gere complex. My own handsome husband looked even more handsome to me when he turned gray, and he was good looking with his dark hair before that. See below..

2007-06-17 12.57.26

I can take this a step further in that I absolutely cringe when I see an old guy with obviously dyed hair. (Think Ronald Reagan, though I have seen much worse) I am not judging, but in my taste, there is absolutely nothing more ridiculous than seeing a guy in their 70’s or 80’s with obviously dyed darker hair. Paul McCartney, I adore you beyond all words, but I am talking to you! Please.Just.Stop.

I have a few women friends who have the most beautiful, sculpted faces, and their styled gray hair highlights them perfectly. They look regal and elegant with their manes of perfectly coifed gray. Because it is not the norm, and most of us try to hide the gray, I commend them and admire them for being courageous and gorgeous.

I am not in favor of the overgrown, frizzy, unstyled, unkempt variety preferred by aging hippies – not that they aren’t entitled to sport this natural look, it is that I don’t find it attractive. I’m also not into the old lady blue-gray look preferred by the type of hairdressers who use a full can of hairspray on said customers creating a blueish gray bouffant.

It seems I am not alone in my love of gray hair. I was discussing this recently with some women around my age and they were in total agreement. Gray hair is sexy. Very, very sexy.

Even celebrities are jumping on the gray hair bandwagon, like Kelly Osbourne, (although I loathe to call her that because she is only famous for being Ozzy’s offspring and being in a reality show that made her famous) –dying their youthful hair to this color or the gray-blue or gray-lavender version. Obviously a lot of people like this hair color and its popularity is only growing.

I can sum up with this: Hooray for Gray. What do you think?



  • I really like gray or silver on men that have a lot of hair still on the top of their head. Otherwis,e I prefer bald men: not the ones, with any color that have fringe or a comb over. Young pretty women look good with dyed grey hair because of the texture of their natural hair. Personally, I’m not happy with how grey has changed the texture of my own hair. It has more of a straw-like quality. I’m not ready to let it go natural yet, although when my mom did, around my age, it was a beautiful silver-white shade and grew in with a thick, shiny, beautiful texture. When my hairdresser tells me my hair is one color (underneath) gray, silver, or white, I might consider stopping the coloring process.

  • I LOVE everything about my naturally aging body. Love the gray hair, the wrinkles, the saggy parts and the confidence that comes with just being so much more aware of the internal parts of my health! Now, IF my heart turned gray, THAT would be an issue:)

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