March Madness: I Don’t Get Angry, But Am Just a Bit Lonely

Raise your hand if you hate March Madness.

My hand is raised.

I know why they call it March Madness. Because every basketball widow right now is mad as hell that their husbands are glued to their TV sets night after night, or following brackets into the wee hours.

I am not so much mad as lonely. It  is during March that my husband and I are like ships passing in the night as he watches basketball from one room, and I am across the house in another room watching what I want to watch.

If I find I want to converse with him, I can text him or IM him from the other room. Modern technology has paved the way for this kind of intimacy, hasn’t it?

No such thing as evening togetherness till this darn tournament is over. But wait! Hockey season is upon us, and playoffs loom in May, and I will be in opposing rooms then too.

Fortunately our home is equipped with more than one TV room because I would hate to spend all my time in my bedroom. I read once where the only thing you are supposed to do in your bedroom is sleep, particularly if you have trouble sleeping, so I try not to watch too much TV there. (Hey if you had bouts of insomnia, you would try everything too!)

Does anyone else out there miss their husbands during March Madness? Speak now!


  • Growing up between four boys, I grew to love sports of all kinds! I actually enjoy the madness!!

  • So a few points of information. 1. I do not have any brackets this year. I do however enjoy the games anyway, because the quality and intensity is tops and very exciting. 2. Hockey playoffs will take up much more of my time. They last several weeks, are all multi game playoffs and are televised from coast to coast, meaning into the wee hours. And I love every game that’s on, culminating with the Stanley Cup Finals in early June. 3. I do not watch a lot of the shows you like to watch but I do watch a good number of them with you, because I like to do things with you. That’s all. Good blog!

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