Memory’s Going, Thank Goodness for Smart Phones

Every single time we are out with a group of friends or another couple our age – something will come up in conversation and with our various stages of memory lapsing, a movie or song title, the name of a person, a quote, an actor or a singing group, or some other factoid that is SO relevant at the moment escapes one of us.

Faster than you can say “whatshisname” the group whips out the smart phones and the Googling begins in earnest. Whoever comes up with the correct answer to restore our collective memories the fastest wins that round.

“Why couldn’t I remember that” we collectively sigh.

And so it goes when you are middle aged. I have a long term memory like an elephant – if they in fact do have great memories – but my shorter term memory from the last several years is severely lacking.

I recently re-watched a movie from several years ago I swore I had never seen and midway through it, I began recognizing scenes and knowing what was coming next. Which was more pathetic, thinking I had never seen it, or failing to recognize it until midway through?

It’s getting pitiful with name recall too. I got together with a dear “young” old friend from high school – we both who formerly prided ourselves on remembering EVERYONE, declared that it was no longer the case. Thank goodness for yearbooks.

My husband and I came up with a code – we are equally bad with the names, to give each other looks if we can’t recall a name and therefore rudely don’t introduce a person. More often than not these days, one of the two of us will be standing by while the other one chats to someone without being introduced. We wait until the person we are speaking to recognizes our dilemma and introduces themselves to the other one.

Yet I STILL remember lyrics to 60’s hits I haven’t heard in decades, and can sing word for word. I remember the names of all of my elementary teachers and most of the kids in my classes. I remember what I wore to certain events in my childhood.  I remember certain events like movies in my mind – with specific details included.

Some of my “old” friends neither remember the long, long ago, or  the recent past. So I have a leg up on them at least.

You’ve seen that video going around, where the middle aged woman laments about her memory to the tune from the show “Cats.” If you haven’t seen it, enjoy it on that hotlink while I look for my keys.


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