My Fairy Godmother Complex and Winning the Lottery

The Powerball jackpot amount is really up there these days and so fair weather players like me will spend a WHOLE dollar to try their luck on the big jackpot. Of course I know that spending that dollar is akin to putting it through a shredder, but it allows me with my Fairy Godmother complex (see below) to dream big for a day or two. In reality I know I am more likely to die of leprosy or get struck by lightning before I hit a lottery on a single ticket.

Now of course I have some selfish impulses that I would indulge in if I hit the jackpot, (I am not THAT crazy) but I also have a raging fairy godmother complex and I know how at least one half or more of the money would be spent.

What’s a fairy godmother complex you ask? Well, I paid close attention to all those fairy tales where a benevolent grandma type produced all kind of help with sweeps of a magic wand.

While growing up and hearing those stories, I must admit that I wanted to be the recipient, but as I have gotten older, I have truly wished to be the kindly, generous fairy godmother.

I tried this out many times, including with my own kids. They certainly had a mom who wanted their happiness and material needs met to where they shouldn’t have had a care in the word. I made sure that was possible in every way of course until the divorce, but fortunately for us, there was still a happily ever after as they are independent and enjoying successful careers.

I tried to bestow this kind of goodness on foreign visitors on many occasions. Their every wish was my command –except the request for the whole Cowboy hat and horses thing which is why they came to Houston in the first place— and the lack of such left them sorely disappointed, but that was one wish I couldn’t grant in the NYC of the south. I spoiled them so much, they didn’t want to leave.

I’ve done my share of volunteering too, including when I had opportunities to be a fairy godmother at holiday season by adopting a family or child, I went a little bit crazy on the spending, buying and bestowing.

I dream of doing more things like this. For example, if I sell a novel the likes of Fifty Shades of Gray, or win the lottery, half of the proceeds would go to a giving foundation. Having a charitable foundation to distribute money has long been a dream of mine.

Lately, I have been thinking of this wish of mine more than ever because I see a real need in one area of life where so many need a fairy godmother.

A colleague of mine just had a husband go through an operable brain tumor. She now has mountains of bills to pay, and only a modest income.

Still another friend of my husband’s – a former colleague is battling cancer and they just held a fundraiser to raise monies for his many, many bills that he cannot afford. I know of others too – some far away – who are in this unfortunate predicament.

Like it isn’t bad enough to get a devastating illness, but it has to send average people to the poorhouse too? How unfair!

So I daydream all the time about having a foundation with millions and millions of dollars in it, where I could be the fairy godmother, wave a magic wand, and rid these people of their bills. Then they could truly focus on recovery, and take a lot of the worry away. I have spoken to my altruistic husband and he knows this is a wish of mine.

I love the fact that there are so many charities to find cures for things. Most of these sick people are surviving, Thank God, but some are left completely busted broke. So why aren’t there charities to pay medical costs for average people? Sure there are a few modest ones, like the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation – founded by a friend of mine in honor of her sister who was a dear friend of mine and succumbed to her illness recently. And there’s Aishel House here locally, true fairy godmothers for those staying in Houston’s medical center.

But there are no mega charities like the one I dream of – or at least I don’t know about it.

When I was young, I felt quite deprived (I even worked my way though college and graduate school) but my adult life has been very comfortable. I really don’t think I need a whole lot anymore. I have achieved my dream summer place – modest – but still a dream come true, I have a nice year-round home, and a lifestyle that is comfortable. Maybe the only thing I would spend on would be more travel and college funds for my future grandchildren, and maybe a few other splurges like a new car, and some home renovations.

But half or more (depending on the largess of the winnings) would go to this foundation – of that I am certain. To be a fairly godmother to so many in need – now THAT would be a dream come true.

My husband Gary is the most altruistic person I know – donated bone marrow two times, stem cells once, is a regular blood donor, and a bone marrow courier.

What a force we could be for good together.


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