My Fearless Oscar Predictions

Oscar Nominations were announced! And we all have an opinion, don’t we?

When I recommend something like a good book or a movie, it comes from my heart. I have to really like something deeply to encourage others to enjoy it too.

So it is with that in mind that I give you my Oscar Predictions. These are based both on my heart, my critical eye, and of course hedging my bets on shoo-ins as most people do.

Best Picture: I am going out on a limb here because there are some great choices as well as some throwaways. Despite being moved by The Help – an early favorite, amused by Midnight in Paris, and loving The Descendants, I must go with The Artist. Here’s why:

It is rare when something is fresh, unique, and charming at the same time. That is the case with The Artist. The vivid portrayals of the leads – who were unknowns to me – moved me beyond words. And the underlying themes of gratitude, loyalty, and friendship are uniquely portrayed. Have I used the word unique enough? If you are a movie lover, you MUST see this film. If the last scene in this movie doesn’t put a song and smile in your heart, then I don’t know what would.

So I am rooting heavily for it to win, though I think it is going to be a close race this year.

I haven’t seen War Horse, mostly because of the maiming by barbed wire scene that I just couldn’t bear to watch, but I must say when you talk about boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back and substitute the word horse for girl each time, that is something different too. And beautiful I am sure.

I LOVED The Help, and The Descendents, but as much as I feel that way – they were pretty standard fare for the movies of today. The acting was good all around in both – with a particular favorite of mine the comatose mother.

The Artist though is one of a kind.

Best Actor: As much as I wish Jean Dujardin had a real shot at this for his portrayal of a down and out movie star, we all know it is George Clooney’s turn. He cried, he moped, he got angry, and I suppose he is due one. But still, Jean Dujardin was absolutely ILLUMINATING in his performance. His smile is an absolute matinee idol killer and that is why he was so real in this role.

Best Actress: Come ON. This is no contest at all this year. The overdue Madame Streep is a total LOCK.

Best Supporting Actor: Yawn, next. Christopher Plummer is one of those old stand-bys that Hollywood loves to give the prize to after years of work.

Best Supporting Actress: Again, I wish, wish, wish that Berenice Bejo had any kind of a shot as she was a wonder in The Artist, but this is pretty much a shoo-in for the wonderfully deserving and charming Octavia Spencer who was the main reason I enjoyed the Help as much as I did.

Best Director: It would be nice for this award to match the Best Picture this year. – so I am thinking Alexander Payne or Michel Hazanavicius (what a mouthful) are contenders. Still, Martin Scorcese is a beloved icon. I can’t call this one.

Best Song: I am only glad that Madonna wasn’t nominated. Her faux accent and weird arms and hands bother me. Other than that, I haven’t an opinion.

Best Cinematography: Who cares?

And there you have it. Won’t you weigh in with your picks and why? I would love to hear from you.

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