My Friend is Just Like Gabby Giffords – A Gunshot to the Head Survivor

Not to jump on the Gabby Gifford media blitz (with the publication of her new book) but watching the special on TV about her miraculous, heroic fight for recovery, tears were streaming down my face. It hit very close to home for me because my friend Mike went through the same exact thing, at the same exact rehabilitation facility.

My story in the Chronicle about Mike can be accessed here.

It’s the same story as Gabby’s. Shot by a vicious thug at close range, Mike was given no chance to survive. His parents were told he was not going to make it, just as Mark Kelly heard that Gabby was reported as having died.

Mike fought back, and slowly recovered, learning to do everything again. He has a few lingering remnants of disability, but it is not that noticeable to me and others due to his indomitable  spirit, his fun personality, and from knowing his huge heart.

He is every bit as amazing and inspirational as Gabby. He has thrived as an author, writer, inspirational speaker, and social worker for brain injury patients.

I thought it was interesting that Bob Woodruff who suffered a different kind of brain injury was interviewed about the first Gabby Gifford appearance. He knows firsthand the struggle to recover from such a devastating injury.

I couldn’t help thinking that they should have interviewed our own Mike Segal.

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