My Husband the Geek is at it again!

My husband Gary got a smart phone recently. He was one of the last holdouts of humankind to resist these magical little devices that serve as a computer-on-the-go.

I’ve had an iPhone for three years and love it dearly. Except I don’t use many of the features and I certainly don’t download apps.

I have previously written about my brain being wired toward the creative, and being clueless on the technical. My husband is the opposite. Because I am anti-techie, downloading apps is too much trouble – it would then require me to figure out what they do and how to use them. I am just not interested.

Gary surprised me by holding out so long for a smart phone. I guess the reason he could do that is that he was never very far from his computer and didn’t see the need. Now that he has one though, it is like the best new toy he could possibly have.

He now spends some leisure time finding new apps to download onto his phone. Then he emails me his “finds” and expects me to download them as well. Right – that’s going to happen.

Today, he told me he downloaded two new apps that are amazing.

The first one, gives you the “Best of” in every city.

Me: When was the last time we traveled to a new city?

Gary: Silence

Me: So exactly when and how much can you use an app like that? We are not exactly traveling people.

Gary: (fiddles with his phone) No response

The second app he announced is an app to find the best deals on Happy Hours.

Me: When was the last time we went to a Happy Hour?

Gary: Silence

Me: Never? Is that the answer you are searching for? What are we, young urban professionals looking to drink and graze after work? We NEVER go to Happy Hours.

Gary: Wait and see, our lives are going to change now that I have these new apps.



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