My Take on Current Events- And Again, Who are the Kardashians?

Apparently there has been this whole revolution and pop culture happening around me of which I have never availed myself. You can’t buy a magazine, read an article on the entertainment industry, or go a minute without hearing something about the Kardashians. They have several reality shows and are guests on every other talk show. Forget what you have previously heard about who controls the media. That is blatantly false. The Kardashians control the media.

Now Kim who spent approximately one minute married (the better for TV ratings with a wedding) to some guy, is now pregnant with Kanye West’s “love child.” (Yes, that’s the term Diana Ross used in the 60’s and I am sticking with it)

Normally I wouldn’t know Kanye West from a Kardashian either, but he really went viral when he dissed one of my faves Tay Tay Swift. The jerk.

At any rate, no matter where I turn, I can’t avoid the Kardashians. I have never watched a minute of their show, but somehow I know EXACTLY what they sound like. We used to call it the “Valley Girl” speak in my day, but now it is just Kardashian speak.

I found this video, which I found MUCH more entertaining than the actual Kardashians, of little Maude Apatow (That’s the famous producer/director Judd Apatow’s daughter who he puts in all his flicks) She does a mean impersonation of the Kardashian Valley Girl speak.

I know you are as relieved as I am to find out you don’t have to actually watch the Kardashians to hear their strange voice inflections. The better to be actually entertained by a mean impersonation.

If you really want a good laugh, Saturday Night Live had THIS skit, which was so funny on so many levels, even if you have never seen a second of any of the Kardashians. By the way, on this last one, you have to scroll down the article to get to the actual hilarious video.

The bottom line is that now I unfortunately know their voices, even though I have never watched them in any capacity and I would not WANT to know their voices. But it’s okay. I can handle that.

In other news, The Bachelor has started a new season. So of course, since I watch it to mostly make fun, I read the Reality Steve spoiler blog about it. (you can find it yourself, I refuse to link someone else’s blog unless they link mine!) So peeps, I KNOW who wins and I must say, there was NO way to even identify this person on the first episode I watched. I find it a strange choice for a big, traditional, strapping Texan. He was a football player too so I just expected him to fall for the prom queen. I mean, he may have to wear flowers in his hair based on this pick.

Finally, there are many people appalled at Brent Musburger and his fawning over the Alabama quarterback’s girlfriend, Miss Alabama USA. Well Duh, Brent. First of all, those girls in that pageant are truly gorgeous, and second, have you ever seen a quarterback with a non-beauty queen type?  (See paragraph immediately above – maybe I am all wrong about that!) ESPN apologized, it was lampooned everywhere, and Twitter lit up with how inappropriate his comments were.  It just says to me that maybe at age 73, it is maybe time to hang up the old microphone when you can’t control your inner dirty old man.

And last, but best – THE BLOG is BACK! After a much needed Hiatus, I am going to be posting several times a week. Hope my loyal readers hung with me!

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  • Kim..Khloe..Kourtney…Kendall..Mom Kris..ex-Kris..Now a Kanye..

    I suddenly don’t like my name anymore, even ‘though my whole life, I thought it was oKKKKK!!

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