My Take on the Lana Del Rey Phenomenon

Who is Lana Del Rey and why is she a phenomenon? Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration. Lana Del Rey a phenomenon? Most of you probably have not heard of her.  I snark about Bachelor, Miss America, so allow me some further snark on the current pop chanteuse that just dropped a hot seller. I can explain her to you – with pleasure!

She wears her hair like Veronica Lake, and changed her name from Elizabeth Grant to Lana Del Rey to be Tres Exotique! She pouts her lips like Julia Roberts, and her does her nails like Lady Gaga. Only wearing A-lined White Virginal Dresses, she sings out of her nose with all of the emotion of your average turnip. In case I haven’t explained her properly, check her out here in this clip.

Of Course David Letterman loved her. He’s a horn toad, remember?

So her moody songs which are almost like spoken word are all the rage. Someone had to replace Amy Winehouse don’t you know? There is some poetry in her songs, but her tone and personality while singing is one of the most annoying things to come along in a long time. In fact, critics have universally savaged her debut album and her style of singing. It is so bad it is comical. And a best seller right now. Hey, Rebecca Black made a hit with that ridiculous Friday, Friday, so it just shows what the listening public wants, right?

She is desperately trying to be smoky, sultry, sexy, but instead is coming off as disinterested and boring. A smoky monotone! Perhaps she even has something to say but whoever is marketing her package is making her such a put on that no one cares.

In fact, I am getting such a kick at the backlash against her that I recently spent an evening watching parodies of her. Hilarious.

She bombed on her live appearance on Saturday Night Live and it was buzzed about as being the worst live act on the SNL stage. Of course it was debated that Ashlee Simpson was, but here is her appearance.

First Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live: Note how she plays awkwardly with her hair!

Then this send up of Hunger Games: Does this girl NAIL her or what?

Finally, this one:


  • Looks like you are totally green with envy and have nothing better to do than “spent an evening watching parodies of her”. Hilarious indeed.

    If Del Rey is too mainstream (or whatever) for you, listen something else and try to keep your jealous and petty thoughts for youself. You know, like adult ppl do.

    I’m SURE you are SO sophisticated you are positively a super-human being who NEVER
    “plays awkwardly with her hair” and sing some pretty good selling songs)

  • she’s big in the indie scene!

  • I liked her on Letterman. And she is no Amy Winehouse by a long stretch.

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