NANCY SHEVELL? It Could Have Been Me Paul Mac Chose!

Okay, not counting Paul’s one teeny “mistake” in love, Paul McCartney certainly has a favored “type.”

Basically, it’s me, with a trivial detail or two removed.

When I was ten years old, I dreamed and wished, and hoped I could one day be Mrs. Paul McCartney. My friends and I role played the Beatles significant others at that time and I was always Jane Asher. After all, Paul was known as the “cute Beatlle.”  I know that seems kind of young to have a dream like that – but the pre-teen girl is a force to be reckoned with at their first famous crush. You HAVE heard of the Justin Bieber phenomenon, have you not?

I never really thought about the utter impossibility of the British Paul marrying an American girl from the East Coast, and Jewish no less. Especially one so substantially younger than him.

When Paul married Linda Eastman, a nice Jewish girl from the New York area, I was a bit older and I had moved on from hoping to be Mrs. Paul McCartney. (Though I wouldn’t have minded being Mrs. Davy Jones)

I thought his choice was odd though – an east coast Jewish girl to his very British sensibilities seemed a mismatch. It turned out I was wrong about that.

In my late teens I dated a famous hockey player for a short time. He was the only bachelor on the Flyers team, and I was a young “Phillies girl” and got to socialize with professional athletes. His name was Jimmy Watson, and he was from Smithers, British Columbia in Canada. As I dated him, aside from the obviously flattery and attraction, we had nothing in common. Read NOTHING. So it faded quickly. Yet Jimmy stayed friends by phone, and he went after my type over and over again – the Jewish college girl with long brunette hair. (He had not gone to college.)

It seems fairly obvious that after Paul’s disastrous marriage to Heather Mills, he went back to looking for a “Linda” type. And he found her in Nancy Shevell, who isn’t a whole lot different than me, except she is from New Jersey and kept her hair brunette while I turned blonde. He likes them smart, creative, oh and by the way, Nancy’s late mom was named Arlene!(Ok, both Linda and Nancy came from wealthy families – that makes us different!)

So Paul, the cute Beatle, who is still pretty cute and might be trying a bit too hard to stay that way (hair dye?) married a nice Jewish girl like me, and even went to Yom Kippur services with her. Now he is even converting for her because he never got around to it for Linda. And she is even younger than me. So all in all, those fantasies I had at 10 years old could have come true. It COULD have been me Paul crooned “And I Love Her” to. Yeah, right.



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