New Ear Worm – I Can’t Get it Out of My Head

You know those annoying ear worms – those commercial jingles, or snippets of songs that play in an endless loop in your brain? I am here to talk of an ironic one.

I thought about writing this last night when I went for my middle of the night potty run (thank you Middle Age and Menopause for that goodie) and my brain decided to activate.

Fortunately it is only once in a while that my brain decides to kick in gear while I am briefly awake. While I mull the problems of the world instead of sleeping, I curse the interruption of my slumber.

Sometimes though, it is not the world’s problems playing in my brain in the middle of the night. Sometimes it is an ear worm. It is a funny one, worth telling you about.

For about two years, my ear worm was Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. This was during a period of time where I had numerous challenges facing me so perhaps Taylor was trying to send me a message to Shake it Off. Instead I played her tune endlessly in my brain, when I wasn’t thinking of all my challenges.

So I guess I should be glad for my new ear worm. It is the Jeff Lynne – ELO – song “I Can’t Get it Out of My Head.” Isn’t it weirdly ironic that his song about a mythical woman he can’t get out of his head (off his mind) is stuck in my brain as an endless loop and I am making his song title come true?

I saw him in concert in August – INCREDIBLE! Ever since, I have been playing the greatest hits of ELO constantly and that is exactly why one of the tunes got stuck in my brain.

Fortunately it is no longer Shake it Off. Fortunately, I am seeing Paul McCartney this weekend where hopefully I will catch a new ear worm.

Here’s a video of that song in case you can’t quite place it.

Video at this link.

And though I highly recommend you watch it, I can’t be held responsible for any ear worms!!

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  • Mine was the sensation of the summer a few years back, “Shut- Up and Dance With Me!” Of course, now that I spend time reminiscing about a song that I remember playing over and over in my head, this one is back in the headlights! As I am getting ready for bed: brushing my teeth, removing my makeup, moisturizing, etc., it is still there as I climb into bed. Oh, no! “Shut- up……

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