Nothing Like a (ahem) Fall Festival!

The title is a little sarcastic, because here in beautiful Houston Texas, October and the rest of the Fall season is sometimes a bit tepid.

And sure enough, I was sleeveless with a short skirt, and still sweating at the end of my wonderful day at the Bayou City Arts Festival.  But note, I am not complaining. Because sunny summer festivals, even if they are held in the Fall, work for me.

Me among a sea of extraordinary Mobiles!

One of the truly great things about Houston – among numerous – is the great diversity of things to do. When you are in a large city, that wide array of entertainment and stuff going on is one of the privileges, and I will always be a City Girl for that reason alone.

Among one of my very favorite Houston things to do is the Fall Bayou City Arts Festival. It’s held downtown right at City Hall and within some neat little parks, as well as on blocked off city streets.

Hundreds of artists are selected by a jury each year out of thousands of entrants, to display and sell their artwork in booths.

There is even floating art on the pond outside City Hall.

There is great food, music, and some of the most unique and gorgeous art you can ever find.

No one ever walks away disappointed. It is fun to stroll and see the many different art medias used by artists, and bump into friends and acquaintances.

I always have to treat myself to a modest, tiny piece of artwork of some kind each time I go. I already hung up today’s purchase and it fits my home beautifully! It is a happy little shadow box with glass art inside. (Ask my friends and family how much I love glass art – it is all over my home)

There is something about seeing the magnificent creativity in so many forms that gets me so energized every time I go to this festival.  There is fine art, kitschy art, whimsical art, art-deco art, embroidery, weaving, leather-works, photography, jewelry, mobiles, and furniture. The prices range from five figures to the price of a couple of tall lattes.

If you live anywhere in surrounding Houston, make the trip downtown and you will not be sorry. It is open through Sunday. And for my readers elsewhere, come on down one year at this time of year. I guarantee a great experience!

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  • loved what you bought..very colorful. I could even see it being the centerpiece of a black-and-white room, that’s how pretty it is

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